Akashic Record Reading Session with Megan

In this session, Megan accesses your Akashic Records and works with your Guides to bring forward information to assist with your understanding of how you can move forward on your life’s path and discovering your life’s purpose.

If you are encountering any blockages, pain or patterns, this session will aid in releasing them by either bringing them to your awareness or healing the energetic block.These sessions also help you gain clarity on your next steps if you are feeling confused as to what your purpose here is on this Earth.

These sessions are a casual conversation between you, Megan, your Guides and the Lords of the Akashic Records who Megan ties into and connects with you on your behalf. Only information in your highest and best interest will be presented, and these sessions are always full of love and healing!

There are two options for these types of sessions:

1-hour Phone Session

  • You provide a bit of background on yourself, your situation you would like to get guidance and support on.
  • Megan accesses your records 10-minutes before the scheduled call. Once on the call, Megan shares the information received and you have an opportunity to ask questions for the remaining 45-50 minutes.

Email + Report (1-hour only)

You provide background on yourself, and ask questions – specific or broad. Megan accesses your Akashic Records for about 1-hour and then writes up a report containing all the information received.

Akashic Record Reading Session (via Phone)