Akashic Record Reading

Akashic Record Readings can divulge interesting information pertaining to your current life and connect them with past lives.

A reading can include but is not limited to removing blocks which can be cleared when we understand where they came from, discovering skillsets from our past and work on bringing them forward to be used in this lifetime, discovering your Guidance Team (Archangels, Masters and Beings of Light), reasons why we react or do things in a particular way.

Accessing the Akash can create shifts and deliver information that is necessary for expansion and spiritual awareness.  The potential is unlimited as your Guides use this medium to help you with life’s situations and blocks.

The Akashic Records are an imprint of every experience, action, thought and emotion that has ever occurred in time and space. It is an etheric imprint of all experiences for human consciousness past, present and all potentials for the future.

This system is alive and records in a multi-dimensional way. Every individual soul has his own Akashic Record, along with groups, events, homes, buildings, companies, pets, cities, countries the list goes on and on.

However you view the records is not as important as the information you can receive from them as it can be life changing, amusing, informative and help explain many of our beliefs, aches and pains, or unexplained fears and phobias.

30-min Reading: $75

60 min Reading: $144