Are you ready?

By Karen:

Your Guides and I want you to understand that the tasks given are those that will help build the foundation for all the learning that will come in the future.

You will be guided to search books, websites, and courses, teachers outside of the learning that Karen and the Guides provide.  This will give you a diverse perspective and will shine the light on YOUR TRUTH.  This will lay the groundwork for what you understand as your Truth and what is not.  It’s all perfectly fine.

You will be guided to books and websites that may be difficult to understand; this is an opportunity for you to research what it is you don’t understand and complete that area of learning on your own.  Your Truth lies within yourself; no one person, no Guide can give you this. You must discover this on your own and Master this on your own.

You cannot, borrow, buy, sell or trade this knowledge.  It is there for discovery.  A teacher and learning will present itself when the time is right.  When opportunities arise and it feels right or difficult; take a moment to understand what it is about that situation that needs a deeper understanding.  Find the learning and be thankful for it’s appearance.  Once you have dealt with the learning in a masterful way you need not experience it again!

Question everything!  We welcome it, all who have nothing to hide or fear will welcome it.  Accept only what is your truth.  We ask that you examine it further to determine what you will accept and what you won’t accept.  Use the art of dissemination and discernment.

Judgment; is deciding something is right or wrong, black or white. It forces you to choose one side or another; causing polarity, it makes it difficult to understand the other side and even more difficult to change your mind if more facts become known.

Discernment; is the practice of looking at the whole picture and realizing there are many shades of gray present. This then leads you to understand within that this may or may not be your Truth!  Either way you are able to accept it without consequence.