Happiness, are you feeling it?

In my work with the Ascended Masters they guide, assist and support me as I work through the lessons of this life. Each one bringing their area of expertise to help with what I’m working on. They are always around, and when I need specific expertise one will move in closer so I can differentiate their energy. I sometimes hear them during the day, but mostly we communicate during quiet times and especially at night. I have regular conversations asking everything that that comes up for me.

I recently had a conversation with Sananda about Happiness and how to sustain it (all the time). I asked him about when he walked the earth, how he managed to stay in a constant state of happiness?

His reply was: that he was Human too, and that it was difficult at times. He accepted the fact that he knew he was a Way-shower and by expressing true happiness and joy made his work easy and enjoyable. It was a win/win! Like attracts like.

He told me that his feeling of happiness and joy was like millions of tiny sparkles and bubbles imploding and exploding inside, tickling and spilling over in an endless stream of Bliss.

Yeah so that’s how it feels…

As a human it’s a difficult concept to consider that happiness can be present 100% of the time. We are hardwired to receive it, we came here to experience it and we are capable of recreating it over and over until it becomes a natural state for us.

Why is it so difficult to maintain? Why then do we seek artificial ways of experiencing Bliss? Continuously forgetting how the natural state can be within us ALL the time.

It’s about our connection with Spirit…or shall I say our disconnection from Spirit.

Our Soul (which is already connected to Spirit) is reminding us to connect with it! While it does it’s best to direct the Ego Self to move in the direction of Love which is Happiness and Joy. Many are not listening, we are too busy, and our minds are too busy.

How do we connect with our Soul? Listen.  How do we listen?  Meditate, quiet your mind.

Essentially, make time for yourself. You are number 1, you came here for the experience, and your experiences will expand with this connection.

There are many who feel their connection casually from Religion and Spirituality which helps, but often it’s just not quite enough.

Then there are those who choose other methods of feeling happiness and joy (albeit temporarily) which tends to creates addiction because it’s not sustainable. It’s artificial and does not connect to the Soul. Many find themselves “ill at ease”, meaning we recognize the ease of life is missing. It’s as simple as “seek happiness” suggests Sananda.

It’s interesting to check out the word dis-EASE.  That is our body’s response to letting us know we need to put all the balls we are juggling down and pay attention to our self and connection to our soul. It’s just that no one ever told us that. Or at least I never had anyone tell me that and I had a religious upbringing!

Sananda suggests to seek happiness within and it will reflect out (wards).

We have the key to discovering true happiness, put it in the lock and turn it! It’s not anywhere out “there”, no one is to blame, no one will complete us, no one will give us what we want and need.  It’s ALL within our own very being!

Don’t believe it?  Think it’s too simplistic?  Sananda suggests “Why not give it a try?”  There is nothing to lose but anger, fear, worry, anxiety, illness and sleep!

Everything is energy (it all goes back to energy).  Like attracts like.

We can choose to be a sponge, a sponge for good vibrations or bad vibration. Absorbing and aligning with either one as they come along. While that is good if you are able to discern that you only want to absorb the good vibrations it’s not so great when we shift into the bad vibration and sometimes unknowingly. Is every annoyance we feel really ours? Or is it something you “picked up, or chose to align with?” This is not only bad “spiritual practice” it is not serving you.

Why not self-cultivate joy and happiness for ourselves. Leave the blame and baggage behind. We have the ability to create our own happiness, so why not create it, maintain it and exude it at ALL times?!

I came up with a handful of ways to create and cultivate happiness to bounce off Sananda. I suggested that we use the ability to recall the feeling!  His reply was swift, “why just recall the feeling? Why not maintain, cultivate and expand this feeling forever!”

Ooooo kay….my ego began to animate, please explain exactly how to maintain happiness forever?!
While I was prepared to go on a writing bender and explain the intricacies of how it could look and feel, Lord Maitreya showed up smiling with glee while rubbing his hands together, stepping forward to offer his help.

I was confused so politely asked why “he” stepped forward, wracking my brain as to how he fit into the “happiness” teaching…  My thoughts were….Maitreya is known as The Christ Consciousness, he over lighted Jesus/Sananda during his Earth Walk.

That’s when a big picture of the Laughing Buddha appeared! Maitreya, THE Laughing Buddha!

Oops, a bit slow on that one (I pride myself in knowing each Ascended Master and what they are “known for”) this was something I had completely forgotten. We both had a chuckle.

He clearly set me up, just for a laugh…

I’ll share the inside joke…..I’ve been writing the Masters Meditations weekly for approximately 20 weeks or thereabouts (who’s counting!) And I wanted to take a break, I let my Guides/The Ascended Masters know, and they were quiet. I couldn’t commit to how long I wanted to stop but I knew that I wanted to stop for a while. I’ve got some travelling coming up, summer is here….you know…life?!

Maitreya suggested that we write a short but “sweet” meditation on how to cultivate Happiness & Joy from within and especially how to maintain it. I was feeling happy and bubbly and wanted to share it others, after all that is what I came here to do!

I had allowed the happiness to drain from me, blaming my work, blaming my busy-ness for the dis-connection. I can still hear the Masters saying “your desk is covered with papers, shuffling them here and there, you are creating distractions and busy-ness!

Laughter is the best medicine!!

The “Happiness” meditation is written and recorded and I’m offering it free for you to download and listen to at any time.

Click here, to be taken to my www.meditationswiththemasters.com website:


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How the Recent Election Shows Us That Duality Means Dark & Light

I always spend time over the weekend pondering what I’m going to write about in the coming week’s blog. I had several ideas, none had gelled for me and now I know why. It’s not a favorite topic “politics” however, my blogs are about speaking my truth and making sense of things that confuse and confound us. Blogging and sharing our stories help us see the many perspectives and views each of us carries. As an Akashic Reader I realize how strongly our past lives and past life can shape our ideas and views. How safety is a number one concern for us.

The Akash has trained me to move beyond the 3-D and see the “stories and drama” for what it is.  DRAMA.  Today I feel conflict and in order to align with my higher self-values, I choose to write and express my thoughts.

We came here to experience Duality and we are getting a large dose of it right now. The Universe has delivered a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” scenario. It was put to a vote and we are taking the next step with a new president at the helm.

Why does it feel so scary? Because this new president does not represent me, a woman with native heritage and whose life’s work is in the Spiritual Realm.

He has said and done things that are not in alignment for someone to represent me in the highest office. Interesting dilemma, most of what we know was recorded and have been presented with. Seems it doesn’t matter what he has done, said and will do. Perhaps there are similar scandals on the other candidate that are well hidden and unknown to us, perhaps in a much more sophisticated and secret way? Would this have changed our view or vote? Who then? What now? What to do?  Many chose to go with “the known” it felt less “scary”. Despite our intentions of doing what we always do, and despite a majority vote, instead an ignored, outdated and archaic Electoral College ushered in the “unknown”, perhaps it’s time to shake it up. Perhaps it’s time to go with the “unknown”.

In our world of duality we tend to look at things as black and white, good and bad, dark and light. We were put in a position of a 2 party system, where only the connected and wealthy can play. Notice the duality? Now take it one step further Man vs Woman. Both representing completely different values and ideals. Again, we were forced to choose and again duality was at play.

When our perception is that of dark or bad we feel fear and anger. We feel that the phase we consider to be good or light has moved into the dark. The past is gone, it no longer exists and what is to come has not appeared.  Today we are in that in between space of unknowing. What is the future to bring? Especially if we consider it dark?

What we fail to see is the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. What that looks like or brings we do not know. What we do know is that this has affected many – this is acting as a great awakening, the awakening of the masses to work on creating the world in which we want to live.

Rather than look at this as good or bad – I will consider viewing it from a higher perspective, one in which we continue to Be Love and Be the Change we want to see!  Nothing is impossible, this does not need to perceived as bleek? Look at the Dakota Pipeline? Did you ever imagine police removing their badges and joining in?  Nothing is impossible…this might be the catalyst to bring us all together. We do not know what the future will bring! Why are we freaking out? Why are we projecting negative ideals?

The dark is a time of going within, it is the start of new ideas and seeds that germinate. A lawn of grass is made up of millions of tiny seeds that chose to germinate in the darkness of the soil. Growing and reaching for the sun being part of something bigger. A green, lush lawn. Strange analogy I know but will you stop your germination of growth in the dark because there is a few weeds in the lawn?

I choose to experience each day as it comes, I stand in love and not fear.  A fear filled world has not been working.

I send love and best wishes to all candidates and all voters. LOVE

I choose to be the single blade of grass that happily germinates in the dark and rushes forth in the spring with optimism and growth.

I love the weeds, I love dandelions, and I love change.

Let the lush green lawn germinate in the dark and spring forth when the time is right.


Guided Meditation with Master Djwal Kuhl


Join us on Sunday for a Guided Meditation with Master Djwal Kuhl

Sunday, September 25 at 6pm (Pacific) 

Master (Ja-wall Kool) has suggested the Lotus as the symbol of life, living in what some would consider “the mud” we strive and send out straight shoots of energy, reaching toward the light and when we reach the light we bloom in radiant colors. To experience the Lotus – consider joining us on Sunday to be touched by Master Djwal Kuhl in some way.

I AM scribe and channel to the Masters, working with each one, understanding who they are and how they want to be represented by me to the world. It is important for me to share their messages, as they have walked the earth in many lifetimes and understand exactly what we are going through.  Their wish is to help humanity with their journey and by taking you on a live guided journey they can touch you in ways that reading a book cannot.  This connection will stay with you and allows you to understand and recognize their energy should you wish to call upon them yourself at any time.

If you are interested in experiencing a live meditation with the presence of a Master, and developing a relationship with them.  You are most welcome to join us Sunday evening. We look forward to meeting with you on the call!

To register for this free event email: Karen@AkashicJourney.com

Sunday, September 25, 2016

6:00 pm PST, 7:00 pm MST, 8:00 pm CST and 9:00 pm EST


Messages from the Andara Spiral Ceremony

Hello!  I am Karen, a scribe and channel for the Masters and beings of light. 

I was asked by Mickey Magic, Steward of the Andara’s at his home in Soquel, Ca if I would access the Akash to discover their story.

Mickey gathers the stones from a “secret” stash somewhere in the California Mountains and brings them to his place in Soquel, where he communes and sells them to interested patrons. With help he has made a large Spiral Grid using Andara’s which has become an attraction for people from far and wide.

Below are the channeling’s that came through in regards to the Andara Spiral.

The first being of light that came to me was Gaia who wanted to share this with you.

Greetings, I AM known as Mother Earth, Gaia. I welcome you here today on this beautiful day of Sun!  Sun-day.

To follow the Sun or the Moon during your week or month opens the understanding of the earth’s rhythm. This rhythm is deep within your being and will slowly begin to resonate if not at first then after some time. Discover the animal kingdom and the plant kingdom for they live their lives according to the earth’s rhythm. When they choose to rest, when they choose to eat, when they choose to hibernate (or not) and when they choose to give birth! Is it not obvious that there is plenty of food (harvest time for humans) to eat and fatten up, readying the body for hibernation and incubation within the womb of an animal or womb of myself Gaia? To wake in the spring from hibernation, to give birth and feed on the new growth and nourishment from the plant kingdom. To feel the push and pull for the new beginning of child birth, plant’s awakening, sprouting and growth, the migration of mammals and birds. This is where the understanding and synergy of living life in rhythm with the earth and the energies streaming upon it. This wisdom and knowledge was once widely practiced upon the earth and now it has been mostly forgotten, lost and ignored. There are those whose purpose it is to keep this knowledge, mostly hidden until now in this new Age of Aquarius.  These ancient secrets are now ready to be revealed, knowledge is being shared and you can now begin to waken out of the deep slumber of forgetfulness. It is time to shed your shoes, feel the earth beneath your feet, shed your coverings and allow the sun to touch your skin. Spend time in the darkness observing the Moon and stars, watching their movement and twinkling. You are being urged to develop ritual with the elements of nature, these are a part of me; a gift for you. Become acquainted with: Fire whether it be simply lighting a candle, water can be simply listening to a fountain, metal can be working with the crystal kingdom, wood sitting near trees, and tie into my energy by walking upon the earth; especially in your bare feet. All these simple acts will bring you closer and touch you deeper. Becoming closer to the world of the animals, plants and crystals will over time become a profound experience.  It will open you to a new world, one in which will change and open you. These kingdoms are subtle and easily overlooked, be the observer and notice when the plants and animals seem to behave differently this is an opportunity to become part of that world; a world you have not been part of, a world that welcomes you with open arms – with no judgment and unconditional love. Treat this new world with love and kindness and you will receive the same back. Enjoy this magical world – we are excited to start this journey together.

As I typed this channeling a large Robin hit the kitchen window; as if it was a punctuation mark.  THE END.


When I opened the Akash to discover the story of the Andara Crystals, I received very little information.  Often I will be lead to research on the internet some bit that I may not understand so that the information coming through will be understood by me, the channel.  I was lead to a website and was introduced to the word Monatomic, which basically means it consists of a single atom. This being rare indeed and difficult to test. I won’t go any further into this as my science skills are not my strong point!  There are those who say that these crystals can actually change when held and that they are similar to glass in appearance.  That is where the similarity ends.

When we (Megan and I accessed the Akash) we were shown rivers of lava, like the veins of Mother Gaia deep within the earth. These Crystals known as Andara Crystals are found in veins deep within the earth and run the width and length of it. There are some areas where these veins are closer to the surface and have been discovered. These crystals are from the discovered vein in California and there is another that was found in the Congo.  There are many more and some of the earth’s peoples have found these crystals and kept them within their tribe recognizing their sacred properties and keeping them secret.

We asked about the various colors and were told that there are even more colors but we can only see the colors available to us in our light spectrum at this time.  Each color is inhabited by a sentient being whom you will be attracted to through the color and the vibration of the stone. This is why you may feel that you “have to have” a particular stone – even if you are uncertain why, there is information to be retrieve and learned from the stone you choose.  Not all same colored stones will vibrate the same, you are encouraged to choose the stone that resonates with you. This will be your que to choose it regardless of the color.

The Black Stones are Elder Stones, black as we know is the combination of many colors which eventually turns back.  Resulting in a stone that has absorbed a great deal of colors and vibrations on the spectrum making their vibration deep and wise. Do not underestimate the black stones as they are vibrating at a resonance and color that we cannot see, these have great learning within them. These crystals create great excitement for you as they are crystals used from Ancient Lemuria and Atlantian times.

Because the earth was cloaked in forgetfulness; there was a need to help waken both the earth and her inhabitants.  Many sentient beings offered their assistance and were projected onto the earth to inhabit crystals. This is why we can communicate with them as they assist us in using their energies to create change. Many humans incarnated to gather and seek crystals that are naturally buried within the earth. Their job was to begin a series of grids that would eventually waken the energetic lines of Mother Gaia. There are many Earth Walkers today, opening, creating and maintaining these energetic pathways allowing energy to move freely within Gaia’s framework and allowing new energy to be brought down from the cosmos to help energize and uplift her to the 5th Dimension.


The Andara’s speak; we are the energy of the Andara, we welcome and thank you for your interest and support.  We feel your love and in return send love to each of you.  We are a group consciousness, one that has been lying dormant waiting for the Golden Age, this now for the opportunity to help waken humanity. Our energies come from a place not of the earth, a place where energy is felt and not seen – we are not of “form” therefore it is part of our makeup to be able to inhabit a “crystal”.  That is why you may feel our energy and some may even “hear” or “know” the knowledge that we are sharing.  We work on many levels, with sharing of knowledge and clearing space and land.  We work effectively in grids and with 1 or more persons or people who may need knowledge we can share with them.  It is always important when choosing a crystal (ourselves included) that you choose the one that “calls” to you or “feels” right.

Crystals are interesting to human and hu-mans are now realizing their origins and power.  We are here to assist in this trans-formation.

Walking the spiral you will feel the exceptional energies, we suggest you allow this energy to penetrate.  You will feel exactly what you need at this time.  For those who are not able to “Feel” the energies we ask that you trust that you are receiving energy.  Energy is subtle and you will receive what you need at the time.


The Spiral speaks

Carl Jung has stated that “the spiral is an archetypal symbol that represents cosmic force”.

It is an ancient and ever present symbol within Nature and it seems incredible that the spiral symbol has appeared for thousands of years in almost every culture. We can see signs of it in ancient cave paintings which often relate back to our galactic family, who chose the enduring symbol of the spiral to announce their intention to make contact with us.  It’s hard not to think of the Milky Way and Andromeda Galaxy in relation to the spiral.

The energy of this symbol creates balance and centering.  It also signifies the unfolding or movement of growth and discovery.  Much like the unfolding of a fern or the growth pattern of a seashell, also known as the Fibonacci Spiral.  To understand this process in our human evolution we start on our life path in a circular pattern, winding through the seasons and years, adding on experience and growth, moving and expanding until we have encompassed all that is!

When we gesture with our hands the spiral we create a mini vortex that can change and break up energy.  We can draw the spiral symbol on paper and place it in strategic places to help break up energy, directing it back to the spiral path.

Crystals are part of the mineral kingdom and the Andara’s are part of that kingdom. Each crystal is inhabited by an energetic being with wisdom to share when accessed.  When we line up crystals in a grid fashion (sacred geometry) in this case a spiral the energy of each crystal connects with the next and amplifies outwards, thereby creating an amplification of Andara energies. The Andara’s bring an awareness and connection to that which serves you at the time. You feel the balance while walking in this fashion and it connects and brings to your awareness that there is great expansion and awareness as you journey along the spiral path, which relates to your path and your life’s journey, direction and progress.  As you walk the spiral notice your connection, notice the direction and notice the expansion as you circle wider and wider.


Here are some pictures of the Andara Spiral Ceremony in Soquel, CA on September 18, 2016…
















Emotions = Action

Let it go, a cloud message on sky








Have you ever had a strong reaction to something and immediately jumped into action?

It’s quite comical really when you think back at how fast you sat up in the chair, how your head cleared instantly (if you were in a lazy afternoon funk) and how suddenly your posture was perfect (the straight back and feet flat ready to spring).  I love how hearing certain words can “get your goat” or float your boat!  Those moments are priceless and whether they are positive or negative reactions they both are met with an extreme amount of zeal on our part.

Wouldn’t that be amazing if we could harness that energy and when we needed that extra effort now and again just open a jar and let that emotion jab us into action. That’s pretty much how it works!

Turns out that we actually know our triggers and plan those moments with our family and friends during sleep time!  Upon arising if we are still in a stuck position our friends and family are always happy to assist in whatever way we need.  Sometimes that is by giving us jabs and basically pushing our buttons.  Did you ever wonder how they knew exactly what to say? Well I’m telling you that is exactly how they know – You told them!  Well maybe your higher self-did, but hey its part of you isn’t it?

Why is it so important to react?  Why is it important to create triggers?  These are the bigger questions.  Emotions are deep and when we allow them to break free, burst forth and energize us, we are cleansing and clearing our stuff.  It’s actually good – we are much more, clear on what we do and don’t want, what we do and don’t like and what we will and won’t accept.  It stops the wishy washy, hide our true feelings scenarios that some of us would prefer. By clearing our self of emotions we are preventing dis-ease to set in.  We are actually doing ourselves a favor.  Of course we don’t have to erupt like a volcano but by voicing our true feelings and communicating we are putting ourselves back into a state of EASE rather than dis-ease.

I want to thank you – thank you very much for allowing me, my mild outburst, one which I won’t be carrying around with me any longer.


Viewing Life from a Higher Perspective


Recently there has been a common theme among myself, clients, friends and family and it is getting caught up in the dramas of life.  Perhaps you have found yourself there too?

It seems the Universe is intent on stirring up the pot? Why does this happen?  Why now?  And why is everyone around me experiencing this too?!

From an astrology perspective we are in a major retrograde (5 in all).  A retrograde is where planets get to the end of their loop and have to double back returning towards the earth and appear to be stopped or standing still. This is the retrograde phenomenon! Depending upon the planet in retrograde will determine the issues that are being stirred up!  How helpful is this? Lol

From a Spiritual perspective we are continually working on emotions and stories in our lives in order to overcome and master them.  Do you recall having gone through a very trying experience and a few years later a similar experience (with a few name changes) pops up for you again?  Why does this happen?  It’s likely one of the lessons you chose to overcome in this lifetime. It’s kinda nice to recognize this and make some necessary changes however there are those who spend their entire lives in the throes of re-enactment without changing a thing!  Free Will, it’s your choice.

So what if you want to make some changes to prevent this from happening again? The Guides tell me to breathe, handle it (key word) with love and “view the situation from a higher perspective.” Maybe you have already discovered this too?  This simple statement is so worthy of following through on and yet so difficult to implement.  At least not right away…  It’s difficult to let go, the story is part of who we are, it feels so good to blame, to be a victim, to be a martyr to be the person who took it for the good of the group. It’s so easy to always do what we have always done.

If making the path less bumpy and to live a life we love why not listen to what your Soul has to say? The disconnect between our Soul and Ego Mind is a very large chasm. What your Soul wishes to accomplish is not always straightforward, walk, turn left then right and just do it, kinda stuff!  There are relationships, backstories, pride, judgment, anger, fear completely getting in the way of getting it done.  Why is it so hard to let it go?  Well, depends on how much we identify with our story, do you own it, does it define you? These could very well be the reasons why letting it go is so tough.  It’s not about belittling your experience, or pushing it away it’s about acknowledgment, release and forgive.  Loving yourself despite your role in the story.  By standing back and viewing it from a higher perspective we a can step outside of the story and see it for what it is “a story”.  You will find it no longer has the grip on you, the thrill of re-telling it or the conviction of being wronged. It’s done, you experienced it now dust off and move on.

Is Meditation Elusive?


Joy, Love, Bliss, Laughter…..want to experience these emotions every single day?  Does stillness, peace and tranquility elude you? Do you tell yourself that you simply can’t meditate because you aren’t able to or don’t have enough time?

If you would like to learn how to meditate in order to bring more peace and balance into your experience, then consider joining me on this meditation journey.

I wish to begin creating a Meditation Manual and I need volunteers (at least 10) to commit to a 6 week program, with weekly check-ins, feedback and personalized guidance via email when needed.  The feedback will help me address the areas you struggle with most!

Details: Cost, Date and Commitment

  1. Cost is free, your commitment will help my commitment! Win/win!
  2. Starts week of April 19 (every Tuesday evening group teleconference)
  3. 6 weeks
  4. Weekly teleconference group meetings will be recorded so you may listen at your convenience

This includes a 15-20 minute self-guided meditation two times per day until you discover your power time for meditation. After that you can commit to once per day during the program.

What’s in it for you?

  • You will gain the confidence and satisfaction of meditating anywhere at any time.
  • You will achieve the quiet center of stillness that meditation brings.
  • Your attendance will help build a curriculum around learning to meditate.
  • When meditation is truly experienced you will want to spend more time in meditation.

Meditation can be done while walking, cycling, gardening, swimming – solitary endeavors usually outdoors in nature.  There are many forms, styles, postures, etc.  All forms work and there is no wrong way! It’s getting started, knowing exactly what it feels like and developing the confidence which are key to practicing meditation anywhere at any time.

Meditation is non-denominational, no religious or spiritual beliefs or affiliations are necessary for success.

This is about you getting in touch with YOU!

The easiest time to meditate is when you are waking or just prior to sleeping – if you can give up 15/20 minutes in the morning and evening, you will be rewarded with the benefit of feeling well rested, clarity of mind, feeling at peace with yourself and others along with increased focus and ease of falling asleep.

Does this excite you?  If it does and you are ready to commit to 6 weeks of twice daily practice – then send your name and intention to receive further information. I AM excited to receive your reply!

Send your request to sign up to:   Karen@akashicjourney.com

Easter, Ostara, Vernal Equinox What do they have in common?

EasterEver wonder what eggs, the Easter bunny and the equinox have to do with Easter? Me too!

Turns out this unlikely list of symbols and names is more like a natural blending of traditions and one that Pagans jest the Christians hijacked from them. See Christians celebrate Easter and the Pagans celebrate Ostara…hmm they sound oddly alike?

Like most modern day traditions in North America we forget the original meaning, turning them into consumer driven excuses to consume chocolate and sugar, and purchase pastel clothing.

The good news is we haven’t completely abandoned all custom and symbolism of this celebration, and by taking the time to understand why our ancestors felt this time of year was special we can begin to relate. Turns out we have been celebrating Ostara and Easter and we probably didn’t even know it!


Easter is the celebration of Christ’s resurrection. While that is the Christian meaning of Easter there is a fusion of many ancient cultures, traditions and practices mostlyearly Pagan and Christian that are included in this celebration. Eggs (painted and chocolate), spring flowers(daffodils, tulips, lillies), rabbits, chocolate and Easter bonnets all come to mind, as does Church Easter Sunday services.


Ostara (pronounced O-starr-ah) is a mythological German Goddess of spring and fertility.  Her name is derived from the Germanic Eostre (meaning east). Perhaps you are starting to see the relationship to the word Easter?! This celebration takes place during March’s Vernal Equinox. It is the ancient pagan celebration of balance between dark and light, masculine and feminine. The rejuvenation and shedding of winter’s cold dark days. This is a time to plant gardens, be in nature and celebrate the spring arrival of plant and animal new births.

In Celtic tradition, the hare became a symbol for the moon and fertility during spring equinox when nature’s fertility gets ramped up! The hare (a nocturnal animal most of the year) comes out to play (so to speak) in March (mating season).  As a result, there is an abundance of bunnies at this fertile time of year.


The egg is a symbol of potential and new life. It reminds us of the rebirth and fertility of nature, the creation we see growing around us at this time of year. Eggs represent “fertility” but why only the spring? Turns out that chickens do not naturally lay eggs in the winter! They begin to lay eggs when the days become longer and March/April are peak laying times. You can imagine their increased value for those coming off a winter diet of meager protein and no eggs. It is worth mentioning that Lent (the week before Easter, eating eggs, meat and dairy are forbidden). Gifting eggs at this time of year was a common practice for the ancients as was giving it in a basket. It’s not hard to imagine the natural evolution of coloring eggs to enhance their appearance for gift giving.


The Goddess Ostara has both the Moon (equinox) and Hare (fertility) as her sacred symbols, this completely makes sense, I love how this all comes together!  Now I understand how the Easter Bunny ties in with colored eggs on Easter morning the day we celebrate Christ’s resurrection. What an amazing fusion of cultures we celebrate!

I do love Easter, and probably more so now that I understand the ritual and symbolism.

Interesting Fact #1

  • Did you know that you can balance an egg on its end during the exact time of the Equinox! Discover the exact time in your area and a few minutes before, find a level spot (outdoors?) take your raw egg (wide end down) and balance it. It will stay for a few minutes prior and post the equinox time.  Let me know how it works!

Interesting Fact #2

  • Equinox is Latin for:  equi (equal) nox (night) Equal Night

Interesting Fact #3

  • Ostara, Goddess of Fertility has the fertility hormone Estrogen named after her!

New Moon Super Moon Today

Take some time to dream your dream…..Because today is a New Moon and Super Moon and I’m all about the New Moons!  Who doesn’t like the opportunity for new beginnings?

mermaid-730432_960_720 (1)








So when I heard that today is a New Moon and a Super Moon, I decided to do some research on what it means. Turns out…if you have been spinning your wheels this past few months (like moi) and feeling like there is more, this might be the time those wheels catch and take off!

And, if the first one doesn’t take…well you have 2 more opportunities to set those wheels in perpetual motion!  Because, today’s first Super moon of 2016 is then followed by another on April 7th and again May 6th!

New moons = new beginnings. It’s a powerful time to dream your dreams and manifest your next step. This is a dreamy Pisces opportunity to get in touch with your deepest emotions. If you haven’t already discovered your dream, this may well be the time it reveals itself.  Oh and one more thing… be prepared for the possibilityof a life altering revelation!

The time to commit is now, and walk the talk! Will you be brave enough to take the next step?  You’ve heard it before….face your fears, heal the wounds of your past. Just to be clear this IS what is holding you back..

Commitment and bravery will propel you forward (hopefully) onto the stream of your Life’s Purpose!  Expect opportunity to present itself and be prepared to receive what comes your way – no matter how scary and grandiose, your comfort zone will be expanding! What you came here to do is waiting to be discovered and this time it may take the first step towards you.

Will you shrink from the task or will you take the step on the bridge to Wonderland?

The moon will slowly but surely illuminate what has been waiting in the shadows, there will be no more hiding, and you will be given this opportunity to discover what you came here to do. Expand into the opportunity and allow ALL that is yours to flow easily and effortlessly towards you.  No need to swim against the flow besides it is taxing and you will soon tire.  Relax into your dream and allow fear of the unknown to rise and release. Leaving space for the opportunities you have been waiting for to show themselves with clarity and intent.

If that’s all too much for you…well remember the old adage “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!”  This is the beauty of having the triad Super Moon (3 in a row) April 7th and May 6th to help expand and lock it in for April and again in May!

Nevertheless, expect to feel growth and continuous expansion.  Why?

Because the dream is much, much bigger than you ever imagined!

In gratitude for all this Super New Moon has to offer..ps this counts for March 9th too!


Springtime with Lord Pan [Channeling]


You may think of me as nature, you may think of me as grass

My home is near the rivers, and my heart is with the mass.

~ Lord Pan

Shhhh, listen to nature.  Do you hear the birds? Don’t they seem to be louder and more present in spring than at any other time?  Why do you think this is so?

Well, yes they are calling out to their prospective mates.  Pomp and circumstance are just as important to the Animal Kingdom as it is to humans. Do not overlook or underestimate the calling of the wild. They play a far more important role than you are currently aware. The twittering of the birds (who are divine messengers) and move freely between dimensions are actually waking the sleeping and dormant plants and animals.

They are an alarm clock of sorts reminding them to wake out of their slumber as the days will begin to get longer, the sun stronger. With the waking of the plant kingdom the stirring of new roots and new vegetation offer themselves freely to the animals that require their nourishment (including the human world).

The flowers bud and blossom giving their pollen to the insects that in turn pollinate and make the sweet nectar honey that is so cherished by many. The birds begin to breed, nest and lay their eggs in hopes of creating offspring to carry on the tradition of calling in the Seasons. I ask you to pay attention to the seasons, notice the cycle of life in your garden and all around you.

Do you have rituals to celebrate this wonderful phenomenon that happens 4 times per year?  Do you notice where the moon and sun are in the sky?  When you begin to notice the changing of seasons you will begin to cherish them for the wonderful gifts they are and have to offer.

I AM Pan, Ambassador of Nature.  I offer to you an introduction to the Natural World, Plant and Animal Kingdom so you may work synergistically together in the future.  It would be my utmost pleasure to give you a personal guided tour.  Call on me when you are in nature, be still and know that I AM with you.

In service, Lord Pan