Feeling Stuck? Shift Your Block!

Are you feeling stuck? Spinning your wheels but still not getting anywhere?


In the “Shift Your Block” remote sessions, we work together with your Guides, Ascended Masters and the Akashic Records to heal and energetically shift what’s blocking you from moving forward!

Can’t quite put your finger on what your block may be? The Akashic Records and your Guides will bring clarity to what the blockage is, where it’s from and how to heal it.

Energetic blocks are very important to recognize and to shift. What makes them often difficult to clear is that they are truly individual and show up in many different forms and for many different reasons! They could be related to past lifetimes, chakra imbalance, emotional trauma, and on!

These blocks are a gift, as are pivotal in our spiritual evolution and bringing to our awareness parts of us that need to be healed! Clearing them brightens your light and helps you to become more aligned with your Higher Self and joy-filled. Ready to get shifting?

30-minute Session: $65.00


1-hour Session: $120.00


In-person or email report both available for these sessions. Questions? Contact us here.