Guidance from the Masters & Guides

The Masters and Guides are here to assist each of with our Spiritual Journey. As we walk each of our own paths, there are topics and themes that arise. Sometimes appearing as difficulties, learning, relationships. It is the sincerest wish and desire of the Masters and Guides to support us with these issues and to guide us on this noble path providing esoteric knowledge and healing.

Every month or so we will have a “Guidance from the Masters & Guides” event. Following the guidance of the Master and Guides, different topics/themes will be discussed. Karen will facilitate this discussion by sharing their wisdom with you on these calls.

Upcoming Events:

When: Wednesday, October 30th at 6pm Pacific (7pm Mountain, 8pm Central, 9pm Eastern)

Theme: St. Germain discusses how to walk your Spiritual Path. We will also have plenty of time during the 1hour for Q&A.

Price: $10 (limited to 20 people)

**A recording of the call will be emailed to all participants

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