Is Meditation Elusive?


Joy, Love, Bliss, Laughter…..want to experience these emotions every single day?  Does stillness, peace and tranquility elude you? Do you tell yourself that you simply can’t meditate because you aren’t able to or don’t have enough time?

If you would like to learn how to meditate in order to bring more peace and balance into your experience, then consider joining me on this meditation journey.

I wish to begin creating a Meditation Manual and I need volunteers (at least 10) to commit to a 6 week program, with weekly check-ins, feedback and personalized guidance via email when needed.  The feedback will help me address the areas you struggle with most!

Details: Cost, Date and Commitment

  1. Cost is free, your commitment will help my commitment! Win/win!
  2. Starts week of April 19 (every Tuesday evening group teleconference)
  3. 6 weeks
  4. Weekly teleconference group meetings will be recorded so you may listen at your convenience

This includes a 15-20 minute self-guided meditation two times per day until you discover your power time for meditation. After that you can commit to once per day during the program.

What’s in it for you?

  • You will gain the confidence and satisfaction of meditating anywhere at any time.
  • You will achieve the quiet center of stillness that meditation brings.
  • Your attendance will help build a curriculum around learning to meditate.
  • When meditation is truly experienced you will want to spend more time in meditation.

Meditation can be done while walking, cycling, gardening, swimming – solitary endeavors usually outdoors in nature.  There are many forms, styles, postures, etc.  All forms work and there is no wrong way! It’s getting started, knowing exactly what it feels like and developing the confidence which are key to practicing meditation anywhere at any time.

Meditation is non-denominational, no religious or spiritual beliefs or affiliations are necessary for success.

This is about you getting in touch with YOU!

The easiest time to meditate is when you are waking or just prior to sleeping – if you can give up 15/20 minutes in the morning and evening, you will be rewarded with the benefit of feeling well rested, clarity of mind, feeling at peace with yourself and others along with increased focus and ease of falling asleep.

Does this excite you?  If it does and you are ready to commit to 6 weeks of twice daily practice – then send your name and intention to receive further information. I AM excited to receive your reply!

Send your request to sign up to: