Karen is a Teacher of the Light.

Working closely with the Ascended Masters and Archangels, Karen is able to guide you in the direction you may need to get on (or carry on) your Spiritual Path. Her ability to access the Akashic Records enables her to incorporate all the modalities she regularly works with while communicating with the Lords of the Records, the Guides, and Ascended Masters so that a holistic, balanced and individualized “plan of action” can be created just for you.



Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual support to help you better understand your Soul’s Journey and start walking your own Spiritual Path. More details here.

1-hour call with Karen: $99


Spiritual Guidance Package

Work with the Akashic Records and your Guides on a deeper level to uncover your Soul’s Purpose. More details here.

1 Full Report: $288.00


Monthly Spiritual Guidance Package

This is for those who want to expand their spiritual knowledge and growth on a monthly basis. **Prerequisite: Spiritual Guidance Package. More details here.

Monthly Cost: $100 (with 3 month commitment)


Power Animal Discovery Session 

Knowing and understanding your power animal can lead to self-empowerment and transformation. Understanding the abilities and habits of your animal will help you understand yourself or the ones you love in a whole new way. More details here.

1 Full Report: $99.00



Akashic Record Reading

This is an opportunity to explore questions that you may have regarding any blockages you may have, past life exploration and life purpose). More details here.

30-min Reading: $75

60 min Reading: $144


Shambhala Multi-Dimensional Energy Healing

Shambhala Energy Healing is hands on healing using Mahatma Energy the highest source energy currently available to the earth at this time.

30-min Session: $44 (remote or in-person).



This can be from your Guides, Masters, Archangels, Beings of Light for a written message from your Guides directly to you.

1 Personalized Channeling: $77


Personal Meditation from your Guide (Master, Archangel)

A channeled meditation message from your guides recorded and specifically for you.

1 Personalized Meditation: $77


House Whispering

When we feel connected to our home we are in synch with our surroundings. Discovery of what our home has to say and finding out its name can change your relationship with your home. A written report with your House Name and any messages it has for you.

House Whispering Written Report: $100


Questions? Contact karen@akashicjourney to get started!


562988_10151792436451285_99275178_nMegan is an Akashic Record Reader, Shamballa Multidimensional Energy Healer, Channel for the Ascended Masters, Archangelic Realm & Beings of Light.

In her readings, Megan is able to help bring you greater clarity and answer the questions you have about your life, including: purpose, relationships, career, abundance and past lifetimes and provide healing to all those areas.

Drawing on her extensive knowledge as a business owner & consultant (Meg the Media Maven), Megan is also able to bridge the esoteric advice with the more practical business information, helping you fit them all together to help move your business or project powerfully forward.

For Shamballa healing, please contact Megan directly.


Spirit Guide Reading

Connect with your Spirit Guides! Your Guides are the Divine Team that agreed to assist you in this lifetime! They are here to help you walk that path with great joy, purpose and love.

In the Spirit Guide Reading Megan channels your guides to answer any specific questions you have on your life: purpose, relationships, career, abundance, past lifetimes. You are not limited to these questions and you do not need to have any questions for this type of reading! Phone/Skype or Email Reading both available.

1-Hour Reading: $120.00                                30-Minute Reading: $65.00

paynow                                         paynow


Ascended Master Reading

Connect with the Ascended Masters! The Ascended Masters are enlightened beings that have previously walked this earth and have mastered their own specific set of gifts! What makes them exceptionally helpful is that they each come with a set of responsibilities and skills that they can assist YOU in your own life!

Not too familiar with the Ascended Masters? Consider this reading to be an introduction! The Ascended Master that can assist you best with the issue you’re encountering will step forward, introduce themselves and provide some information to shed the light on your situation.

In the Ascended Master Reading, Megan channels the Ascended Master that wishes to step forward (or the one you request to communicate with), as they answer any questions you may have on your life: purpose, relationships, career, abundance, past lifetimes. You are not limited to these questions and you do not need to have any questions for this type of reading! Phone/Skype or Email Reading both available.

1-Hour Reading: $120.00                                     30-Minute Reading: $65.00

paynow                                             paynow       ________________________________________________________________________

Akashic Record Reading

You are a Divine, multidimensional being! Your soul has lived out many lifetimes on this planet (and others!) Tap into the infinite knowledge your soul has gained by using the Akashic Records. The Akasha is the great etheric record keeper of every experience, action, thought and emotion of your soul.

When accessing your Akashic Records, Megan receives the information specifically for you. Gain greater clarity on who you are, your soul’s purpose and your journey walking this earth.

In the Akashic Record Reading your specific questions you have on your life: purpose, relationships, career, abundance, past lifetimes will be answered. You are not limited to these questions, however it is recommended to have some questions for this type of reading. Not sure about what to ask? A Spirit Guide or Ascended Master Reading would work wonders! Phone/Skype or Email Reading both available.

1-Hour Reading: $120.00                                30-Minute Reading: $65.00

paynow                                          paynow


After you pay for your session, please email to set-up a time for your reading, or email your questions for the email reading.

All readings are available via phone/skype of through email. Email readings are when you submit your questions and I channel the answers in a report that is emailed back to you.

My purpose is to be your medium to greater clarity on who you are and how you can be of greater service to yourself and others. We all have different financial situations, if you are called to receive a reading but it is out of budget, please contact me and we’ll work something out.




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