The True Meaning of Twin Flame

Lady Nada wishes to share the true meaning of twin flame.

We all come from a single spark of creator. The desire was to learn experience and overcome emotion with Love.  The best way for learning is to create duality.  When it is dark out we turn on the light.  When we feel cold we seek heat.  When the noise is loud we seek silence. We need to understand and experience these dualities for emotion to enter in. This is where we discover balance and learn to avoid extremes to keep all in harmony.

What is a spark?  A spark is a small part of a greater flame.

We are the Master Guide of “our own spark self” and recognize the importance of duality.  What better way to learn and experience duality than by splitting the spark into 2. Creating a male and female to incarnate and experience duality from each perspective!  Therefore Twin Flames are created, from the same spark.

The idea of discovering our Twin Flames has become a quest for many people who mistakenly believe that their twin flame is outside of themselves, a physical person who will love them unconditionally and complete them, making them whole.

Well, this is all true except for the physical part. We may never see or meet our twin flame on the earth plane.  As they are both working on different experiential paths and most likely are not interested in intersecting because of the need for learning and growth. It is more likely that we will meet a Soul Mate; who we may have contracted to meet at a certain time for learning, self-discovery and love.  A twin on the earth is from the same egg but 2 different physical people.  A twin flame in the spiritual world is from the same fire but 2 different spiritual souls.

The yearning many people have is at the soul level; it is a searching for our own inner balance; the balancing of the dual twin flames, the masculine and the feminine to be completely integrated and balanced within.  Thereby bringing in the love for each other and honoring the respective learning to bring into Oneness.  When the duality is brought within each of us and kept in balance we will become Love. We will emanate love and love attracts love!  You will become a Love Magnet!  Thereby attracting the love of your life, whether it is your Twin Flame, Soul Mate or another loving soul on their path to oneness and expressing their divine love too.