What do the Akashic Records have to do with it?

Sometimes I feel like a broken record when it comes to the Akashic Records. I’ll be in mid-conversation with someone when they will ponder out loud an existential question about their life. I’ll interject, “we should ask the Records about that!”

We will carry on with the conversation, and they ponder another question out loud, this one being a general question about why the world is the way it is. And off I’ll go again, “we should ask the Records about that!”

Why ask the Akashic Records?

Think of the Akashic Records like the Book of Life. Contained in them is every soul’s journey — past, present, and future. Written deep in those records are also every possibility for a soul, simply because we write this book as we go along.

When we make a decision, there are an infinite number of outcomes that could take place. Some more plausible than others — but all within the realm of possibility as we dance in this blessing called Free Will.

So, how does accessing the Akashic Records help us in our life?

The biggest benefit I see with my clients and working with their Records is the understanding it brings them. Simply put, it brings clarity to why you are the way you are. Similar to the way astrological signs bring light to say my Piscean tendencies, the Records share with each of us why we are the way we are.

This includes past life energy. A person with many lifetimes lived out in a monastic order (yep, that’s me) may have a different relationship with authority and religion than a person who never experienced this type of lifetime.

Perhaps you have a paralyzing fear of heights. Chances are there is a lifetime (or many) that can explain this phenomenon.

Maybe you are drawn to travel to a country, a deep urge that seems random and inexplicable. I bet the Records would reveal a past-life connection. Or…perhaps a future connection.

See, we each have incarnated on this earth at this exact time for a reason. Earth is a playground, yes, but there is also great work to be done. Many people, Lightworkers and especially women feel that they have a greater purpose, they are here to affect real change, to live out their purpose and passion simultaneously.

Your Records contains what this looks like for you, accessing them helps us to work with the Divine Plan we set out for ourselves and re-member who we truly are.