By Karen:

In order to meet your expectations and prepare you for discovering your soul’s journey; I’d like you to answer a few questions so I know where you see yourself on the path, and what your expectations are for this journey.

When you are done; please email your answers back to me. Please add your comments to the one that resonates with you.

Where do you see yourself on your spiritual path?

Beginning (just starting out and totally intrigued with getting on my soul’s journey

Somewhere in the middle and stuck or floundering (knowing enough to realize that there is more and can’t seem to get there from here)

Well on my way (I am actually practicing) and can’t get past blocks

Well on my way and looking to learn more about myself to improve areas and possibly learn a new modality

Why are you interested in receiving guidance through the Akash?

I want to use this knowledge as a tool to improve myself spiritually and help with my career

I want to use this knowledge to unblock areas in my life

I want to use the guidance to help me with my career in the spiritual world, bringing forward past life expertise and showing me where I can improve and be of service

The Akashic Records and your guides are spiritual in nature; we would like you to recognize that working with the guides through the Akash that you are working with the Universal Laws and may need to do homework on your own to understand how they fit into your world.