Happy Summer Solstice!

Happy Summer Solstice!

May the long time Sun shine upon you!

Summer Solstice, a time of perfect balance between dark and light, night and day. It is the point in time where the turning of the cosmic wheel is most obvious. We are moving into the longer Summer days, where the Sun is overtaking the darker, shorter days of winter.
This the Ancients knew.This many Moderns have forgotten.

Many cultures regard the sun with reverence, think of Yogic Sun Salutations, the many sun face sculptures of the Indigenous Cultures. The fascination with Sun Rise and Sun Sets! The thousands of sacred sites all over the world that were aligned to the sun (and stars). “Many of these sites are massive, sophisticated and required advanced engineering, mathematics and astronomy to construct.” Why? What did they know that we have forgotten? (interesting site about sacred sites)

For me Summer Solstice is a time to thank the sun, the brightest star in our sky!

It symbolizes life force, a projected energy that cannot be blocked (no matter how hard we try). Ever tried to hang a dark curtain only to discover the sun projecting through a tiny hole?

It is difficult to evade the masculine projecting energy of the sun. And we are slowly converting to the the idea of capturing the energy of the sun. While these are physical manifestations of the sun, I like to consider the Sun’s higher purpose. The adoration of the sun goes back to the earliest of religious expressions. To the Ancients the sun was their Supreme Deity. They realized that without its presence, they would wither and pale.

How far we have come in technology and alleged wisdom to an age where we fear time spent in the sun, but not for the same reverent reasons of the ancients. The suns powerful penetrating rays are being blocked from reaching our skin, the largest organ on our body. We are potentially blocking a source of vitality and power. Might we be depriving ourselves and our souls from receiving the suns vital energies?

As a sun lover, I recognize the importance of moderation. Rather than fear, I choose to value what the sun has to give. It is a personal priority to consciously take in the sun every day and not only in the summer. I suspect the ancients didn’t suffer from seasonal affective disorder.

What you think, therefore you believe. What you believe, therefore WILL happen.

On a lighter note, (pun intended) How about those modern day mystics who practice Sun Gazing, yup, they actually train their eyes to stare fully at the sun! (Disclaimer: don’t try this until you’ve received proper tutelage!) They actually start by staring in small increments at sunrise and sunset. It is their belief that Sun gazing attunes oneself to a higher vibrational frequency thereby recharging and regenerating the body naturally using the radiance of the sun the true source of life.

While I may skip the Sun Gazing (for now) and wear my stylish sun glasses, I am ever grateful for the Sun’s intensity, never allowing me to forget that I AM thriving here and now because of, The Sun.


In my personal effort to celebrate Summer Solstice, my daughters and I are excited to create a Sun Mandala, paying homage to the Sun.

How to celebrate Summer Solstice in your own way:
Color a mandala (there are many lovely adults coloring books on the market)
Build your own Mandala (google natural Mandalas)
Meditate with a picture of the sun
Draw/paint/sculpt a picture of the sun
Enjoy the sunrise or sunset (especially this week)
Do Sun Salutations (Yoga) at sunrise
Listen to music about the sun
here’s my favourite rendition of the Long Time Sun Song by Snatum Kaur, enjoy!!!

The Sun
It is a long day without the Sun
A time of inward and languish
Looking forward to The Son.

It is a long day when full is the Sun
A time of expression and joy
Moving forward to His Son.

It is a long day when partial is the Sun
It is the shedding of blankets
To become one with The Son.

by Karen