June’s Full Moon

Today is June’s Full Moon! The French named it, La Lune Rose or “Rose Full Moon” after the beautiful roses blooming this month.

full moon names


The Full Moon gives us the opportunity to clear things up; a chance to move forward uninhibited. Forgive, let go and surge forward with the impetus the full moons energy will give you. This is the midway point of the year, glance back over the past 6 months and see how far you have come and plan for your future the energies are all present to help you manifest your future.

This is the year you will gallop into your horizon and become a free spirit! “Intend” for outcomes rather than wanting or wishing.  Intentions are powerful (wishing/wanting are “wishy/washy”). Then align yourselves with your intentions by being open to the outcome and keeping your eye on the prize. Take your hands off the steering wheel, remove all doubt and fear. Then sit back allowing the universe to steer. Remember your job is not to figure how things are going to line up and happen.

Your job is to inform the universe what it is that you would like to happen.