Saint Germaine Silver Violet Flame Workshop and Spiritual Awakening

saint_germainI am honored to present a workshop in Calgary for Master Saint Germaine, to introduce the Silver Violet Flame of Transmutation.  With the Guidance of The Master Alchemist you will learn:

  • Who is Saint Germaine?
  • What is the Silver Violet Flame?
  • How and when to use the Silver Violet invocation
  • How to use the crystal Amethyst (infused with the Violet Flame energy) to aid in meditation and call in the Silver Violet Flame of Transmutation

Master St. Germaine; the ultimate Alchemist created the Silver Violet Flame for transmuting energy much like a spiritual antiseptic!

The silver violet flame has the ability to transmute the negative situations we create within and encounter without; it can be used to infuse our environment (homes, buildings, streets, cities) everything that is energy will benefit from it; humans and animals as well.

In bringing the Silver Violet Flame into our heart center and working with it the more it will become imbedded into the space around us. You will feel a rise in your internal vibration when using it.  The silver violet flame can be used to bring High Vibrational Energy to your body and your space.

In this workshop you will be taught the Invocation to use for calling in the Silver Violet Flame, you will learn about Master Saint Germaine and what the Silver Violet Flame is.  You will receive an energetic cleansing wash from the Master himself who will be present during the teaching and ceremony of introduction.

This class will be a Spiritual experience allowing time for meditation and discussion surrounding the use of the Silver Violet Flame; allowing time for each participant to fully experience the Silver Violet Flame within their heart center.

There will be time dedicated to a brief explanation of The Great White Brotherhood (white as in white light) and their role with us here on Earth at this time.  I will introduce Lord Melchizadek and Lord Kuthumi, Archangel Zadkiel and Archangel Michael.  I will give a brief description of their roles and how we can use their Energies to help us gain clarity, protection and abilities to raise our vibrations and expand our consciousness in the New World.

Date: Monday, March 24th from 7:00-9:00pm (with plenty of time for mingling at the end)

Investment: $40.00 (includes a programmed amethyst crystal, an attunement, teaching and meditation with grounding exercise.)

You can pay via this Eventbrite invite (through PayPal or credit card), and cash will be accepted at the door. If paying at the door, please RSVP to let us know to hold a spot for you!

What to bring:

  • An open heart & mind
  • Wear comfortable clothing (there will be some meditation involved)
  • A notebook if you wish to take notes
  • Your enthusiastic self!

Please feel free to share and invite your friends. This is an opportunity for like-minded individuals to congregate in a nurturing environment and participate in ceremony. There are no expectations, this is simply a sharing of knowledge.

I am so honored to be guided by the Masters to create this workshop and am so excited to meet all of you who feel called to attend. See you soon!

Eventbrite - Silver Violet Flame Workshop - March 2014