About Akashic Journey


The Guides and Masters often joke that Karen Adams is like Sherlock Holmes. Always uncovering and discovering every aspect of a soul’s journey, leaving no stone unturned and no question unanswered.

We suspect that if Karen is Sherlock Holmes, then Megan (her daughter) is comparable to Dr. Watson. Versed in Akashic Record reading and gifted with the ability to channel the Masters, these two often work side by side to get the “full” picture.

Karen’s emphasis and true talent is bringing forth and uncovering the soul’s journey. Why did you incarnate? What’s holding you back from fully expressing who you are? What blockages and past life energies can be cleared so that you can move more powerfully forward on your path? What are your next steps on your Spiritual Path? What past lives and mastery can you bring forward and use in this lifetime?

Megan’s complement to this information is her ability to access the Akash to get the finer details, specifically related to your life or soul’s purpose. What are you here to do? How does that look? How can that be created so that it fulfills you on both a spiritual and financial level? She also can also access the deeper metaphysical questions as related to you and your own Truth.

Karen covers the soul. Megan covers the purpose. There is no recommended starting point, nor ending point. The two blend together perfectly and will ebb and flow as you journey on the Spiritual Path!

Uncover your Soul’s Journey

Discover your Soul’s Purpose