Cleansing Crystals

Cleansing Your Crystal Friends

After purchasing your new crystal friend, I highly recommended you cleanse the crystal. This will clear out all negative energy it may have picked up from the trauma of removing it from its original resting place right through to any negative thoughts or situations it may have been in prior to being chosen and brought home by you.

Crystals are Sentient Beings and can assist with healing and answers to questions you may have. Think of them like plants some people are very connected to trees and plants because of their energy and are considered sentient beings as well. Crystals are in a realm of their own and can be very powerful allies. Once you connect with a crystal you will open a whole new world of discovery.

You will need: 

  • Sea Salt 

And using your intuition (good practice) in tuning into the crystal and knowing when it’s ready to be removed from its salt bath.

Simply fill a bowl with at least 3 inches of salt (more is fine) do what feels right for you and set your crystals in the bowl.








They can be immersed or for larger crystals they can sit on top, the salt will draw out all the negative energies that have “stuck” to the crystal. The larger crystals will require longer time, the smaller ones shorter.

Be sure to fill the bowl with enough room for each crystal they shouldn’t be stacked or touching each other. You will know when it’s time to remove them from the salt. Sometimes its 1 day other times it might take a week.

photo 1

When the crystals are ready, try not to shock them and rinse under room temperature water. Let them sit on a dish towel or pat them dry if you wish.

Do not re-use the salt and be sure it goes straight in the trash or down the drain. Negative energy will be stored in the salt crystals and you will need to clean the sink and your hands the way you would clean your sink (with comet or whatever your method).

Repeat this procedure whenever you feel the energy of the crystal is murky or sluggish. If you use a crystal for healing it may need it every few days for the first while of doing its job. Some crystals can sit for several if not being actively used and won’t need a cleansing.

Try to feel the difference when a crystal is first purchased and then cleansed. There is a different feel and look to them. It will be subtle but allow your intuition to be your guide.

If you are able to place the crystal in a sunny window sill or outdoors for a day in the sun will help charge them with the suns yang energy. And during a full moon placing them outdoors or in a window sill will charge them with the yin energies of the moon. Taking care of your crystals will become second nature and allows them to do their job of healing.

P.S: there are some crystals that never need cleansing (Selenite) and some that cannot be immersed in water (Selenite). Double check online if you are not sure what your particular crystal requires. Also, Amethyst will fade if placed in the sun!