Happiness, are you feeling it?

In my work with the Ascended Masters they guide, assist and support me as I work through the lessons of this life. Each one bringing their area of expertise to help with what I’m working on. They are always around, and when I need specific expertise one will move in closer so I can differentiate their energy. I sometimes hear them during the day, but mostly we communicate during quiet times and especially at night. I have regular conversations asking everything that that comes up for me.

I recently had a conversation with Sananda about Happiness and how to sustain it (all the time). I asked him about when he walked the earth, how he managed to stay in a constant state of happiness?

His reply was: that he was Human too, and that it was difficult at times. He accepted the fact that he knew he was a Way-shower and by expressing true happiness and joy made his work easy and enjoyable. It was a win/win! Like attracts like.

He told me that his feeling of happiness and joy was like millions of tiny sparkles and bubbles imploding and exploding inside, tickling and spilling over in an endless stream of Bliss.

Yeah so that’s how it feels…

As a human it’s a difficult concept to consider that happiness can be present 100% of the time. We are hardwired to receive it, we came here to experience it and we are capable of recreating it over and over until it becomes a natural state for us.

Why is it so difficult to maintain? Why then do we seek artificial ways of experiencing Bliss? Continuously forgetting how the natural state can be within us ALL the time.

It’s about our connection with Spirit…or shall I say our disconnection from Spirit.

Our Soul (which is already connected to Spirit) is reminding us to connect with it! While it does it’s best to direct the Ego Self to move in the direction of Love which is Happiness and Joy. Many are not listening, we are too busy, and our minds are too busy.

How do we connect with our Soul? Listen.  How do we listen?  Meditate, quiet your mind.

Essentially, make time for yourself. You are number 1, you came here for the experience, and your experiences will expand with this connection.

There are many who feel their connection casually from Religion and Spirituality which helps, but often it’s just not quite enough.

Then there are those who choose other methods of feeling happiness and joy (albeit temporarily) which tends to creates addiction because it’s not sustainable. It’s artificial and does not connect to the Soul. Many find themselves “ill at ease”, meaning we recognize the ease of life is missing. It’s as simple as “seek happiness” suggests Sananda.

It’s interesting to check out the word dis-EASE.  That is our body’s response to letting us know we need to put all the balls we are juggling down and pay attention to our self and connection to our soul. It’s just that no one ever told us that. Or at least I never had anyone tell me that and I had a religious upbringing!

Sananda suggests to seek happiness within and it will reflect out (wards).

We have the key to discovering true happiness, put it in the lock and turn it! It’s not anywhere out “there”, no one is to blame, no one will complete us, no one will give us what we want and need.  It’s ALL within our own very being!

Don’t believe it?  Think it’s too simplistic?  Sananda suggests “Why not give it a try?”  There is nothing to lose but anger, fear, worry, anxiety, illness and sleep!

Everything is energy (it all goes back to energy).  Like attracts like.

We can choose to be a sponge, a sponge for good vibrations or bad vibration. Absorbing and aligning with either one as they come along. While that is good if you are able to discern that you only want to absorb the good vibrations it’s not so great when we shift into the bad vibration and sometimes unknowingly. Is every annoyance we feel really ours? Or is it something you “picked up, or chose to align with?” This is not only bad “spiritual practice” it is not serving you.

Why not self-cultivate joy and happiness for ourselves. Leave the blame and baggage behind. We have the ability to create our own happiness, so why not create it, maintain it and exude it at ALL times?!

I came up with a handful of ways to create and cultivate happiness to bounce off Sananda. I suggested that we use the ability to recall the feeling!  His reply was swift, “why just recall the feeling? Why not maintain, cultivate and expand this feeling forever!”

Ooooo kay….my ego began to animate, please explain exactly how to maintain happiness forever?!
While I was prepared to go on a writing bender and explain the intricacies of how it could look and feel, Lord Maitreya showed up smiling with glee while rubbing his hands together, stepping forward to offer his help.

I was confused so politely asked why “he” stepped forward, wracking my brain as to how he fit into the “happiness” teaching…  My thoughts were….Maitreya is known as The Christ Consciousness, he over lighted Jesus/Sananda during his Earth Walk.

That’s when a big picture of the Laughing Buddha appeared! Maitreya, THE Laughing Buddha!

Oops, a bit slow on that one (I pride myself in knowing each Ascended Master and what they are “known for”) this was something I had completely forgotten. We both had a chuckle.

He clearly set me up, just for a laugh…

I’ll share the inside joke…..I’ve been writing the Masters Meditations weekly for approximately 20 weeks or thereabouts (who’s counting!) And I wanted to take a break, I let my Guides/The Ascended Masters know, and they were quiet. I couldn’t commit to how long I wanted to stop but I knew that I wanted to stop for a while. I’ve got some travelling coming up, summer is here….you know…life?!

Maitreya suggested that we write a short but “sweet” meditation on how to cultivate Happiness & Joy from within and especially how to maintain it. I was feeling happy and bubbly and wanted to share it others, after all that is what I came here to do!

I had allowed the happiness to drain from me, blaming my work, blaming my busy-ness for the dis-connection. I can still hear the Masters saying “your desk is covered with papers, shuffling them here and there, you are creating distractions and busy-ness!

Laughter is the best medicine!!

The “Happiness” meditation is written and recorded and I’m offering it free for you to download and listen to at any time.

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