Happiness, are you feeling it?

In my work with the Ascended Masters they guide, assist and support me as I work through the lessons of this life. Each one bringing their area of expertise to help with what I’m working on. They are always around, and when I need specific expertise one will move in closer so I can differentiate their energy. I sometimes hear them during the day, but mostly we communicate during quiet times and especially at night. I have regular conversations asking everything that that comes up for me.

I recently had a conversation with Sananda about Happiness and how to sustain it (all the time). I asked him about when he walked the earth, how he managed to stay in a constant state of happiness?

His reply was: that he was Human too, and that it was difficult at times. He accepted the fact that he knew he was a Way-shower and by expressing true happiness and joy made his work easy and enjoyable. It was a win/win! Like attracts like.

He told me that his feeling of happiness and joy was like millions of tiny sparkles and bubbles imploding and exploding inside, tickling and spilling over in an endless stream of Bliss.

Yeah so that’s how it feels…

As a human it’s a difficult concept to consider that happiness can be present 100% of the time. We are hardwired to receive it, we came here to experience it and we are capable of recreating it over and over until it becomes a natural state for us.

Why is it so difficult to maintain? Why then do we seek artificial ways of experiencing Bliss? Continuously forgetting how the natural state can be within us ALL the time.

It’s about our connection with Spirit…or shall I say our disconnection from Spirit.

Our Soul (which is already connected to Spirit) is reminding us to connect with it! While it does it’s best to direct the Ego Self to move in the direction of Love which is Happiness and Joy. Many are not listening, we are too busy, and our minds are too busy.

How do we connect with our Soul? Listen.  How do we listen?  Meditate, quiet your mind.

Essentially, make time for yourself. You are number 1, you came here for the experience, and your experiences will expand with this connection.

There are many who feel their connection casually from Religion and Spirituality which helps, but often it’s just not quite enough.

Then there are those who choose other methods of feeling happiness and joy (albeit temporarily) which tends to creates addiction because it’s not sustainable. It’s artificial and does not connect to the Soul. Many find themselves “ill at ease”, meaning we recognize the ease of life is missing. It’s as simple as “seek happiness” suggests Sananda.

It’s interesting to check out the word dis-EASE.  That is our body’s response to letting us know we need to put all the balls we are juggling down and pay attention to our self and connection to our soul. It’s just that no one ever told us that. Or at least I never had anyone tell me that and I had a religious upbringing!

Sananda suggests to seek happiness within and it will reflect out (wards).

We have the key to discovering true happiness, put it in the lock and turn it! It’s not anywhere out “there”, no one is to blame, no one will complete us, no one will give us what we want and need.  It’s ALL within our own very being!

Don’t believe it?  Think it’s too simplistic?  Sananda suggests “Why not give it a try?”  There is nothing to lose but anger, fear, worry, anxiety, illness and sleep!

Everything is energy (it all goes back to energy).  Like attracts like.

We can choose to be a sponge, a sponge for good vibrations or bad vibration. Absorbing and aligning with either one as they come along. While that is good if you are able to discern that you only want to absorb the good vibrations it’s not so great when we shift into the bad vibration and sometimes unknowingly. Is every annoyance we feel really ours? Or is it something you “picked up, or chose to align with?” This is not only bad “spiritual practice” it is not serving you.

Why not self-cultivate joy and happiness for ourselves. Leave the blame and baggage behind. We have the ability to create our own happiness, so why not create it, maintain it and exude it at ALL times?!

I came up with a handful of ways to create and cultivate happiness to bounce off Sananda. I suggested that we use the ability to recall the feeling!  His reply was swift, “why just recall the feeling? Why not maintain, cultivate and expand this feeling forever!”

Ooooo kay….my ego began to animate, please explain exactly how to maintain happiness forever?!
While I was prepared to go on a writing bender and explain the intricacies of how it could look and feel, Lord Maitreya showed up smiling with glee while rubbing his hands together, stepping forward to offer his help.

I was confused so politely asked why “he” stepped forward, wracking my brain as to how he fit into the “happiness” teaching…  My thoughts were….Maitreya is known as The Christ Consciousness, he over lighted Jesus/Sananda during his Earth Walk.

That’s when a big picture of the Laughing Buddha appeared! Maitreya, THE Laughing Buddha!

Oops, a bit slow on that one (I pride myself in knowing each Ascended Master and what they are “known for”) this was something I had completely forgotten. We both had a chuckle.

He clearly set me up, just for a laugh…

I’ll share the inside joke…..I’ve been writing the Masters Meditations weekly for approximately 20 weeks or thereabouts (who’s counting!) And I wanted to take a break, I let my Guides/The Ascended Masters know, and they were quiet. I couldn’t commit to how long I wanted to stop but I knew that I wanted to stop for a while. I’ve got some travelling coming up, summer is here….you know…life?!

Maitreya suggested that we write a short but “sweet” meditation on how to cultivate Happiness & Joy from within and especially how to maintain it. I was feeling happy and bubbly and wanted to share it others, after all that is what I came here to do!

I had allowed the happiness to drain from me, blaming my work, blaming my busy-ness for the dis-connection. I can still hear the Masters saying “your desk is covered with papers, shuffling them here and there, you are creating distractions and busy-ness!

Laughter is the best medicine!!

The “Happiness” meditation is written and recorded and I’m offering it free for you to download and listen to at any time.

Click here, to be taken to my www.meditationswiththemasters.com website:


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Guided Meditation with Master Djwal Kuhl


Join us on Sunday for a Guided Meditation with Master Djwal Kuhl

Sunday, September 25 at 6pm (Pacific) 

Master (Ja-wall Kool) has suggested the Lotus as the symbol of life, living in what some would consider “the mud” we strive and send out straight shoots of energy, reaching toward the light and when we reach the light we bloom in radiant colors. To experience the Lotus – consider joining us on Sunday to be touched by Master Djwal Kuhl in some way.

I AM scribe and channel to the Masters, working with each one, understanding who they are and how they want to be represented by me to the world. It is important for me to share their messages, as they have walked the earth in many lifetimes and understand exactly what we are going through.  Their wish is to help humanity with their journey and by taking you on a live guided journey they can touch you in ways that reading a book cannot.  This connection will stay with you and allows you to understand and recognize their energy should you wish to call upon them yourself at any time.

If you are interested in experiencing a live meditation with the presence of a Master, and developing a relationship with them.  You are most welcome to join us Sunday evening. We look forward to meeting with you on the call!

To register for this free event email: Karen@AkashicJourney.com

Sunday, September 25, 2016

6:00 pm PST, 7:00 pm MST, 8:00 pm CST and 9:00 pm EST


El Morya Channeling Session

el-moryaEl Morya has made a request to me (Megan). I am offering one-on-one private reading sessions for anyone who wishes to connect with El Morya and the energy of Divine Will.

These sessions will be conducted remotely via skype and will be recorded so you can listen to them after.

A private session is your chance to connect with the energy of El Morya, ask questions, and deepen your understanding of who you are and your journey.

If you’ve never had a channeling with an Ascended Master before, they are very healing and insightful and are for everyone – no matter where you are on your spiritual path. This channeling will be extra helpful for anyone feeling “stuck” or “blocked” or looking for their next steps.

This will be either a 30-minute or one hour session and involve some energy healing as well. Because this has been a special request from El Morya, the cost of the session is only $55 for 30 minutes or $99 for 1-hour until the end of July 2014, then it will go back to my regular price. Woohoo! El Morya’s ready to get us all rockin’ and rollin’!  

You can check out our other types of readings here: http://akashicjourney.com/services/

Send me a message (megan@akashicjourney.com) if you have any questions, otherwise you can purchase the reading using the PayPal button below.

30 minute Reading Session: $55.00


1 hour Reading Session: $99.00


P.S: You may recognize this picture from Doreen Virtue’s Ascended Masters cards!


Feeling Blocked? Work with Master Morya!

There are times when all of us feel “blocked”. Spiritually, emotionally physically – and this can manifest through different experiences in our life. Career, relationships, injury and general malaise! What I learned over the past week is that if you are feeling blocked, work with Master Morya!

Master Morya is on a mission to point out Divine Will = Action. I very much experienced this learning over the past couple of days! Case in point, I purchased an old dresser several weeks ago, and I mean several weeks ago. I decided I wanted a project that allowed artistic input and this was perfect! We also needed another dresser and (Megan) and I wanted to turn it into a lovely looking turquoise one.

I found a picture of how I wanted it to look, purchased the paint and all the supplies in my excitement. Then it sat and sat as the weeks passed by. I simply couldn’t get started on this project!

Master Morya came through on the evening of the 22nd, this was the immediately after June’s Guided Meditation. Normally I allow myself that evening to relax before starting the lessons/learning for the next month. However, Morya wanted to channel that evening and came through with a rather lengthy learning. It was powerful and both Megan and I experienced a great shift.

Within 2 days of this channelling, the dresser I had been putting off was wiped down with mineral spirits, the top stripped, drawers and sides taped and sanded, 2-3 coats of paint applied, the brass pulls scrubbed and the entire piece was waxed. We were machines! And I’m not even mentioning the shift in all the other work we accomplished. It felt so good to take action! Check out the pictures below…it looks like a million bucks (even if I do say so myself!)

Within the channelling with Master Morya, he explained that we have the power to dissolve the blockages we experience. So, anyone who is feeling blocked or stuck; please consider asking Master Morya for some guidance, he certainly knows how to move “stuff”. LOL!

Because the upcoming Guided Meditation for July is led by Master Morya, we will aim to work with lessons and his teachings all month. I personally can’t wait to fulfill my Divine Will and get things DONE!

** You can sign-up forJuly’s Guided Meditation here!**

July’s Guided Meditation is with Master Morya where we will work with us to move past our blockages and help to get us into the flow of our own Divine Will.

In the meantime, Master Morya provided some key concepts in this channelling:

  • Inaction and action are separate parts of the same whole. Without one there is not the other. Honor your inaction as much as your action.
  • Often greater lengths of inaction are required for action that requires greater force. Think about the tension on a bow and arrow and how the tension is required to propel the arrow forward!
  • Clear your energy field regularly. Smudging, sea salt baths, working with Archangel Michael and Chakra clearing are all great exercises to unclog your energy field from debris that may be contributing to your blockage.
  • Work with the Akashic records to help identify blockages and how you can move past them.



Above: The dresser before the magic kicked in!


DSCN0445 DSCN0449 DSCN0461 DSCN0462


Above: The final (and very turquoise) product! Thank-you for all your assistance, Master Morya!


An Ascended Master Makes An Appearance? [Part II of our Shasta Trip]

In early May, Megan and I (Karen) went on a spiritual retreat to Mount Shasta. It was always a place that we heard had great spiritual significance and were called to visit.

We had the opportunity to head that way for a course facilitated by the Dolphin Star Mystery School in Mount Shasta and we felt simply called beyond explanation to attend. In this series we share our experiences on this trip!

If you have not read Part I, head here: http://akashicjourney.com/on-our-way-to-mount-shasta

The Dolphin Star Mystery School was founded by an extremely talented woman named Amorah Quan Yin, an aspect of the Ascended Master Quan Yin.

Having read several of her books we felt as though we knew her and looked forward to actually meeting her in person. While registering for the workshop we came to realize that Amorah had died in a tragic car accident several years prior. We were saddened and asked the Guides about the tragedy of losing someone at her level at this time. Basically “why did she die?” The Guides response was “or did she?”…

It was our intention to arrive early on day 2 of our training but somehow the conversation became so enthralling over the breakfast table that there were a few moments that I personally thought I would leave the table only when the conversation had dwindled; wanting to savor every moment of this wonderful energy and company. However, that thought was fleeting as I remembered being late the day before.

We arrived just in time to start Day 2 of learning.  It was break time when we realized there was a missing student.

This student was memorable as her empathic tears would well in her eyes and stream down her cheeks as others shared their journey with the class. When it came time to share her story, Julie as she introduced herself, told of her fantastic story of wanting to come to America from England for this training. She did not have the funds and put out her intentions to the Universe that she needed airfare and lodging. It was the day prior to her cutoff for requesting time off work when a benefactor came through and paid for the entire trip and upgraded her to first class on the flight. She was so excited to be there her energy was palpable.

I remember hugging her and feeling the heat and energy exuding from this woman  I wanted to speak to her about this remarkable experience, and wanted to know exactly how she went about manifesting this amazing feat!

During the break on the second day we asked if anyone had heard from Julie; perhaps she was ill or overslept. The instructor started her own search and quickly realized there was no record of Julie; there was no signature or contact information on the sign in sheet and no registration! There wasn’t even an email of possible discussions prior to attending class, nothing, nada.

As Megan and I exchanged puzzled glances the instructor caught the exchange and wondered out loud if Julie came to lend her energy to the session. She had remarked during the session that she had felt Amorah’s presence and indicated that side of the room (where Julie was seated). Come to think of it there was a resemblance between Julie and pictures we had seen of Amorah…..

Could we have experienced an Ascended Master making themselves physical to lend their energy to the class?

Stay tuned for the next post in our Magical Trip to Mount Shasta series…


On our way to…Mount Shasta!

Last week, Mom (Karen) and I went on a retreat to Mount Shasta. It was always a place that we heard had great spiritual significance, and let alone was quite beautiful!

We had the opportunity to head that way for a course, the Dolphin Star Mystery School (yes, that’s is actual name!) was putting on a 2-day festival and we felt simply called beyond explanation to attend.

We had all of this planned out prior to my move to California, and we excitedly talked about our upcoming May adventure which helped to get us though the trials and tribulations of packing up my entire house and selling all my belongings!

The end of April was nearing and we had yet to purchase the tickets, something weird had happened, our excitement for the festival had waned. How sad we were! But we decided, let’s just poke around and see what kind of accommodations there are in Mount Shasta, and if we could find something it would help to make up our minds.

Well, find something we did!

Serendipity at its best! As we searched the internet it became glaringly apparent to us…there were no others places in Shasta to stay other than the B&B we had found, Shasta MountInn. How could that be? We were pretty sure it was a popular tourist destination. Oh well, we said.

We hadn’t even purchased our tickets to the 2-day festival…yet we had booked a room in a B&B! It was quite extravagant, and a tad out of our budget. This was unusual for two pretty savvy (and cheapish) travelers like ourselves. But like I said, there simply wasn’t another place to stay…

We then bit the bullet and bought our passes. Our excitement reignited and off we went to Shasta!

As we entered the town of Mount Shasta it became pretty apparent that indeed there were a lot, like a lot, of places we could have stayed. Yet looking back we knew there was only one place we were to stay. The place that allowed all the magic to happen!

The orchestrator of it all was Dave, the owner and guardian of the Shasta MountInn. An old soul with a big heart. A master manifestor, he uses his heightened abilities for others; connecting them with the people, places and situations they need in their lives.

Instant recognition kicked in as we parked and he popped out of the B&B to greet us! Old friends were reunited.

Read Part II of our Magical Trip to Mount Shasta Series: An Ascended Master Makes an Appearance? 

Stay tuned for the next post in our Magical Trip to Mount Shasta series…

Below are some pictures of the wonderful B&B!







This is the stunning view of Mount Shasta from our bedroom window.


Mom outside our room window, in front of the beautiful babbling creek!








Gorgeous side-view of the Shasta MountInn.



The True Meaning of Twin Flame

Lady Nada wishes to share the true meaning of twin flame.

We all come from a single spark of creator. The desire was to learn experience and overcome emotion with Love.  The best way for learning is to create duality.  When it is dark out we turn on the light.  When we feel cold we seek heat.  When the noise is loud we seek silence. We need to understand and experience these dualities for emotion to enter in. This is where we discover balance and learn to avoid extremes to keep all in harmony.

What is a spark?  A spark is a small part of a greater flame.

We are the Master Guide of “our own spark self” and recognize the importance of duality.  What better way to learn and experience duality than by splitting the spark into 2. Creating a male and female to incarnate and experience duality from each perspective!  Therefore Twin Flames are created, from the same spark.

The idea of discovering our Twin Flames has become a quest for many people who mistakenly believe that their twin flame is outside of themselves, a physical person who will love them unconditionally and complete them, making them whole.

Well, this is all true except for the physical part. We may never see or meet our twin flame on the earth plane.  As they are both working on different experiential paths and most likely are not interested in intersecting because of the need for learning and growth. It is more likely that we will meet a Soul Mate; who we may have contracted to meet at a certain time for learning, self-discovery and love.  A twin on the earth is from the same egg but 2 different physical people.  A twin flame in the spiritual world is from the same fire but 2 different spiritual souls.

The yearning many people have is at the soul level; it is a searching for our own inner balance; the balancing of the dual twin flames, the masculine and the feminine to be completely integrated and balanced within.  Thereby bringing in the love for each other and honoring the respective learning to bring into Oneness.  When the duality is brought within each of us and kept in balance we will become Love. We will emanate love and love attracts love!  You will become a Love Magnet!  Thereby attracting the love of your life, whether it is your Twin Flame, Soul Mate or another loving soul on their path to oneness and expressing their divine love too.

Full Moon Rituals

I asked my Guides: Magda, Wilda and Shelagh about a Full Moon Ritual.


(Gift to me at Halloween to help remember them)

They were thrilled that I remembered to ask about the Full Moon. After showing me their new clothes (dressed up for the occasion) I was shown standing at night in a circle around a fire. They showed my favorite part of the Full Moon Ritual; throwing little bundles of herbs into the fire causing mini explosions!

The emphasis here is to incorporate fun while taking advantage of the moon energies during ritual. They then became more serious and gave me a few tips. Stand outside under a full moon (it does not matter if the moon is behind a cloud). Stand face up towards the moon, hands out and palms up allowing the yin energies of the moon to wash over you for as long as you can stand this way.

If you are not able to be outside and want to celebrate the full moon work at your alter. Find or make up your own prayers for: fertility, creativity, sensitivity and psychic powers, these are especially enhanced during a full moon. On your alter place a candle and any other items that you find in nature that are special to you.

Realize that you can make up your own ritual and if you are comfortable and feeling confident you have the ability to work with the yin energies and make them your reality!  The days of having to do things a certain way in a certain order at a certain time are gone.  All you need is confidence and trust what you are doing.

That’s it!  Let me know how you celebrated the Full Moon! Do you have a ritual?

P.S: You can take advantage of the energies of the full moon the day before, day of and day after! There is still time!

In Love & Violet Light,


Why do we feel ‘stuck’?

For me (Megan), January was a slow month. Instead of feeling energized by the upcoming new year, I felt stuck, stagnant and like I was spinning my wheels. Clarity eluded me and I begged my Guides and the Universe to just tell me,


Because I had to be doing something wrong, right?

There seemed to be radio silence from the Universe. No epiphanies, visions…no direction or ‘ah ha moments’. And in that moment of complete stillness and stuckness, I got it.

It was time to just be. Time to rest.

It’s in the inaction that all that we have “done” can come to us.

Think of the snow globe. I was shaking mine furiously with no end in sight. I refused to stop shaking it, thinking that my clarity would come amidst all that action. When I finally threw my hands in the air, exasperated, is when I allowed that snow to settle. And the things I had been working on manifesting came to me, much more easily.

Is it time to stop shaking your snow globe? Things are falling into place whether you see them or not. Let the Universe work its magic and enjoy the “time off”, because it will be “go time” again, very soon!

As I look back, I now understand (well, as much as I can) why I had no clear direction in January. There was prep work that I needed to do, foundation that I needed to lay. Unseen forces were at work setting me up for my next adventure and task.

In this perceived “down time” I accessed my Akashic Records to learn what I could do during this time to better get me in the Universal flow and in alignment with my Higher Self. I was guided to do more meditation so I could be still and create a space to receive more guidance.

But the most important thing? Have fun! I was to find what brought me joy and do it. And it didn’t have to be only esoteric activities — it could be going to a movie, sleeping in, skipping a workout — anything that in that moment brought me joy.

How can the Akashic records help during these times when you feel stuck?

First of all, if you are not meant to know something yet — they are NOT going to tell you! Yes, psychics may be able to dig this information up, or extrapolate based on your energetic intel at that exact moment you visit them. But the whole picture will remain to be seen and acting based on this limited information often leads to a longer ‘wait time’.

The Records and your Guides provide healing while in the records. They will help to recalibrate your energy fields, and bring conscious awareness to the Divine Being that you are. Sometimes this shift is subtle, other times it’s the kick in the pants we may need. Depends on you and your learning.

They offer a higher, Universal perspective. We are limited by our thoughts and this third dimensional reality we call home. Accessing the records allows us to shift into a larger understanding of who we are and what is really going on. It’s like taking off the blinders and getting a full view of the situation you are encountering.

Are your triggers being challenged?


Are your triggers being challenged?

Do those little incidents have the capacity to completely throw you off balance in a second?

Recognize them for what they are; tests the Universe has put out there for you to overcome. If there was no dark you would not see the light. Use methods of meditation to see if from a higher perspective and breathe, allow yourself to dwell on it for a short time; no need to bury it.  Rise above and see it for what it is a story!

Practice no judgment, no taking it personally, and certainly no fear.

Ask the Universe to transmute it with the Silver Violet Flame and notice how it is consumed by the flame and gone.

You are now free to go back to your Love filled state of being and realize there will be more triggers and you now have the tools to use with ease. The more you use them the easier and quicker it will become to transmute them.

Love them as they come along for without them you will forever be in the dark!

 To use the Silver Violet Flame simply state 3 times:

I AM a being of silver violet fire; I AM a being of God’s desire.

I AM a being of silver violet fire; I AM a being of God’s desire.

I AM a being of silver violet fire; I AM a being of God’s desire.