Messages from the Andara Spiral Ceremony

Hello!  I am Karen, a scribe and channel for the Masters and beings of light. 

I was asked by Mickey Magic, Steward of the Andara’s at his home in Soquel, Ca if I would access the Akash to discover their story.

Mickey gathers the stones from a “secret” stash somewhere in the California Mountains and brings them to his place in Soquel, where he communes and sells them to interested patrons. With help he has made a large Spiral Grid using Andara’s which has become an attraction for people from far and wide.

Below are the channeling’s that came through in regards to the Andara Spiral.

The first being of light that came to me was Gaia who wanted to share this with you.

Greetings, I AM known as Mother Earth, Gaia. I welcome you here today on this beautiful day of Sun!  Sun-day.

To follow the Sun or the Moon during your week or month opens the understanding of the earth’s rhythm. This rhythm is deep within your being and will slowly begin to resonate if not at first then after some time. Discover the animal kingdom and the plant kingdom for they live their lives according to the earth’s rhythm. When they choose to rest, when they choose to eat, when they choose to hibernate (or not) and when they choose to give birth! Is it not obvious that there is plenty of food (harvest time for humans) to eat and fatten up, readying the body for hibernation and incubation within the womb of an animal or womb of myself Gaia? To wake in the spring from hibernation, to give birth and feed on the new growth and nourishment from the plant kingdom. To feel the push and pull for the new beginning of child birth, plant’s awakening, sprouting and growth, the migration of mammals and birds. This is where the understanding and synergy of living life in rhythm with the earth and the energies streaming upon it. This wisdom and knowledge was once widely practiced upon the earth and now it has been mostly forgotten, lost and ignored. There are those whose purpose it is to keep this knowledge, mostly hidden until now in this new Age of Aquarius.  These ancient secrets are now ready to be revealed, knowledge is being shared and you can now begin to waken out of the deep slumber of forgetfulness. It is time to shed your shoes, feel the earth beneath your feet, shed your coverings and allow the sun to touch your skin. Spend time in the darkness observing the Moon and stars, watching their movement and twinkling. You are being urged to develop ritual with the elements of nature, these are a part of me; a gift for you. Become acquainted with: Fire whether it be simply lighting a candle, water can be simply listening to a fountain, metal can be working with the crystal kingdom, wood sitting near trees, and tie into my energy by walking upon the earth; especially in your bare feet. All these simple acts will bring you closer and touch you deeper. Becoming closer to the world of the animals, plants and crystals will over time become a profound experience.  It will open you to a new world, one in which will change and open you. These kingdoms are subtle and easily overlooked, be the observer and notice when the plants and animals seem to behave differently this is an opportunity to become part of that world; a world you have not been part of, a world that welcomes you with open arms – with no judgment and unconditional love. Treat this new world with love and kindness and you will receive the same back. Enjoy this magical world – we are excited to start this journey together.

As I typed this channeling a large Robin hit the kitchen window; as if it was a punctuation mark.  THE END.


When I opened the Akash to discover the story of the Andara Crystals, I received very little information.  Often I will be lead to research on the internet some bit that I may not understand so that the information coming through will be understood by me, the channel.  I was lead to a website and was introduced to the word Monatomic, which basically means it consists of a single atom. This being rare indeed and difficult to test. I won’t go any further into this as my science skills are not my strong point!  There are those who say that these crystals can actually change when held and that they are similar to glass in appearance.  That is where the similarity ends.

When we (Megan and I accessed the Akash) we were shown rivers of lava, like the veins of Mother Gaia deep within the earth. These Crystals known as Andara Crystals are found in veins deep within the earth and run the width and length of it. There are some areas where these veins are closer to the surface and have been discovered. These crystals are from the discovered vein in California and there is another that was found in the Congo.  There are many more and some of the earth’s peoples have found these crystals and kept them within their tribe recognizing their sacred properties and keeping them secret.

We asked about the various colors and were told that there are even more colors but we can only see the colors available to us in our light spectrum at this time.  Each color is inhabited by a sentient being whom you will be attracted to through the color and the vibration of the stone. This is why you may feel that you “have to have” a particular stone – even if you are uncertain why, there is information to be retrieve and learned from the stone you choose.  Not all same colored stones will vibrate the same, you are encouraged to choose the stone that resonates with you. This will be your que to choose it regardless of the color.

The Black Stones are Elder Stones, black as we know is the combination of many colors which eventually turns back.  Resulting in a stone that has absorbed a great deal of colors and vibrations on the spectrum making their vibration deep and wise. Do not underestimate the black stones as they are vibrating at a resonance and color that we cannot see, these have great learning within them. These crystals create great excitement for you as they are crystals used from Ancient Lemuria and Atlantian times.

Because the earth was cloaked in forgetfulness; there was a need to help waken both the earth and her inhabitants.  Many sentient beings offered their assistance and were projected onto the earth to inhabit crystals. This is why we can communicate with them as they assist us in using their energies to create change. Many humans incarnated to gather and seek crystals that are naturally buried within the earth. Their job was to begin a series of grids that would eventually waken the energetic lines of Mother Gaia. There are many Earth Walkers today, opening, creating and maintaining these energetic pathways allowing energy to move freely within Gaia’s framework and allowing new energy to be brought down from the cosmos to help energize and uplift her to the 5th Dimension.


The Andara’s speak; we are the energy of the Andara, we welcome and thank you for your interest and support.  We feel your love and in return send love to each of you.  We are a group consciousness, one that has been lying dormant waiting for the Golden Age, this now for the opportunity to help waken humanity. Our energies come from a place not of the earth, a place where energy is felt and not seen – we are not of “form” therefore it is part of our makeup to be able to inhabit a “crystal”.  That is why you may feel our energy and some may even “hear” or “know” the knowledge that we are sharing.  We work on many levels, with sharing of knowledge and clearing space and land.  We work effectively in grids and with 1 or more persons or people who may need knowledge we can share with them.  It is always important when choosing a crystal (ourselves included) that you choose the one that “calls” to you or “feels” right.

Crystals are interesting to human and hu-mans are now realizing their origins and power.  We are here to assist in this trans-formation.

Walking the spiral you will feel the exceptional energies, we suggest you allow this energy to penetrate.  You will feel exactly what you need at this time.  For those who are not able to “Feel” the energies we ask that you trust that you are receiving energy.  Energy is subtle and you will receive what you need at the time.


The Spiral speaks

Carl Jung has stated that “the spiral is an archetypal symbol that represents cosmic force”.

It is an ancient and ever present symbol within Nature and it seems incredible that the spiral symbol has appeared for thousands of years in almost every culture. We can see signs of it in ancient cave paintings which often relate back to our galactic family, who chose the enduring symbol of the spiral to announce their intention to make contact with us.  It’s hard not to think of the Milky Way and Andromeda Galaxy in relation to the spiral.

The energy of this symbol creates balance and centering.  It also signifies the unfolding or movement of growth and discovery.  Much like the unfolding of a fern or the growth pattern of a seashell, also known as the Fibonacci Spiral.  To understand this process in our human evolution we start on our life path in a circular pattern, winding through the seasons and years, adding on experience and growth, moving and expanding until we have encompassed all that is!

When we gesture with our hands the spiral we create a mini vortex that can change and break up energy.  We can draw the spiral symbol on paper and place it in strategic places to help break up energy, directing it back to the spiral path.

Crystals are part of the mineral kingdom and the Andara’s are part of that kingdom. Each crystal is inhabited by an energetic being with wisdom to share when accessed.  When we line up crystals in a grid fashion (sacred geometry) in this case a spiral the energy of each crystal connects with the next and amplifies outwards, thereby creating an amplification of Andara energies. The Andara’s bring an awareness and connection to that which serves you at the time. You feel the balance while walking in this fashion and it connects and brings to your awareness that there is great expansion and awareness as you journey along the spiral path, which relates to your path and your life’s journey, direction and progress.  As you walk the spiral notice your connection, notice the direction and notice the expansion as you circle wider and wider.


Here are some pictures of the Andara Spiral Ceremony in Soquel, CA on September 18, 2016…
















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  1. I love this write up thank you. I am a friend of Nada and she shared your site with our group. I just took a shaman course and without realizing it have been on a path slowly leading me into Shaman work. I am not sure how to see it all and use what I am learning but your message really helped me to put a lot of the missing pieces together, thank you and Namaste Beautiful message <3

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