Emotions = Action

Let it go, a cloud message on sky








Have you ever had a strong reaction to something and immediately jumped into action?

It’s quite comical really when you think back at how fast you sat up in the chair, how your head cleared instantly (if you were in a lazy afternoon funk) and how suddenly your posture was perfect (the straight back and feet flat ready to spring).  I love how hearing certain words can “get your goat” or float your boat!  Those moments are priceless and whether they are positive or negative reactions they both are met with an extreme amount of zeal on our part.

Wouldn’t that be amazing if we could harness that energy and when we needed that extra effort now and again just open a jar and let that emotion jab us into action. That’s pretty much how it works!

Turns out that we actually know our triggers and plan those moments with our family and friends during sleep time!  Upon arising if we are still in a stuck position our friends and family are always happy to assist in whatever way we need.  Sometimes that is by giving us jabs and basically pushing our buttons.  Did you ever wonder how they knew exactly what to say? Well I’m telling you that is exactly how they know – You told them!  Well maybe your higher self-did, but hey its part of you isn’t it?

Why is it so important to react?  Why is it important to create triggers?  These are the bigger questions.  Emotions are deep and when we allow them to break free, burst forth and energize us, we are cleansing and clearing our stuff.  It’s actually good – we are much more, clear on what we do and don’t want, what we do and don’t like and what we will and won’t accept.  It stops the wishy washy, hide our true feelings scenarios that some of us would prefer. By clearing our self of emotions we are preventing dis-ease to set in.  We are actually doing ourselves a favor.  Of course we don’t have to erupt like a volcano but by voicing our true feelings and communicating we are putting ourselves back into a state of EASE rather than dis-ease.

I want to thank you – thank you very much for allowing me, my mild outburst, one which I won’t be carrying around with me any longer.