Viewing Life from a Higher Perspective


Recently there has been a common theme among myself, clients, friends and family and it is getting caught up in the dramas of life.  Perhaps you have found yourself there too?

It seems the Universe is intent on stirring up the pot? Why does this happen?  Why now?  And why is everyone around me experiencing this too?!

From an astrology perspective we are in a major retrograde (5 in all).  A retrograde is where planets get to the end of their loop and have to double back returning towards the earth and appear to be stopped or standing still. This is the retrograde phenomenon! Depending upon the planet in retrograde will determine the issues that are being stirred up!  How helpful is this? Lol

From a Spiritual perspective we are continually working on emotions and stories in our lives in order to overcome and master them.  Do you recall having gone through a very trying experience and a few years later a similar experience (with a few name changes) pops up for you again?  Why does this happen?  It’s likely one of the lessons you chose to overcome in this lifetime. It’s kinda nice to recognize this and make some necessary changes however there are those who spend their entire lives in the throes of re-enactment without changing a thing!  Free Will, it’s your choice.

So what if you want to make some changes to prevent this from happening again? The Guides tell me to breathe, handle it (key word) with love and “view the situation from a higher perspective.” Maybe you have already discovered this too?  This simple statement is so worthy of following through on and yet so difficult to implement.  At least not right away…  It’s difficult to let go, the story is part of who we are, it feels so good to blame, to be a victim, to be a martyr to be the person who took it for the good of the group. It’s so easy to always do what we have always done.

If making the path less bumpy and to live a life we love why not listen to what your Soul has to say? The disconnect between our Soul and Ego Mind is a very large chasm. What your Soul wishes to accomplish is not always straightforward, walk, turn left then right and just do it, kinda stuff!  There are relationships, backstories, pride, judgment, anger, fear completely getting in the way of getting it done.  Why is it so hard to let it go?  Well, depends on how much we identify with our story, do you own it, does it define you? These could very well be the reasons why letting it go is so tough.  It’s not about belittling your experience, or pushing it away it’s about acknowledgment, release and forgive.  Loving yourself despite your role in the story.  By standing back and viewing it from a higher perspective we a can step outside of the story and see it for what it is “a story”.  You will find it no longer has the grip on you, the thrill of re-telling it or the conviction of being wronged. It’s done, you experienced it now dust off and move on.