“Meg has a way of elevating business. Her professionalism is infused with high energy and enthusiasm. Meg’s Akashic Record report for my event was more generous than I had expected. I enjoyed working with Meg so much that I enlisted her services with my new venture. I am happy to have Meg on my team.” ~Stephanie, Calgary

“My Akashic Records session with Karen was one of the most powerful and insightful things that has ever happened to me. She was able to transmute advice and guidance that resonated deeply with me. After the call I felt more confident, relaxed, aligned and inspired.

Before meeting Karen I had never heard of the Akashic Records. I’ve always had an appreciation for the metaphysical arts, but like anything that is foreign, I also had a healthy dose of curiosity and skepticism. Before the session Karen answered all my questions and gave me a very clear outline of how the call would go and what to expect (and what not to expect). This really helped me feel comfortable. Plus she has a very nurturing and caring presence, so I was able to relax and open my heart and mind to the call.

We covered everything from depression to my business to my relationship. I now have a greater appreciation for her work and feel so grateful our paths crossed. I know I will be able to look back and see that my call with Karen was a turning point in my life. Moving from a place of fear and insecurity to a higher ground of trust and confidence.

I highly recommend Karen’s work. Whether you are a skeptic or a convert, the truth she access is universal and powerful.”

~Kate Crawford, Los Gatos, California

“Karen was amazing in the reading of my Akashic records. She answered all of my questions and I felt as though I was very much a part of the process. There were some fantastic insights and Karen is ever professional in her approach and delivery. I would highly recommend Karen as a source for this sacred knowledge.”

~Joanne L. Shaw

“All my questions about a certain personal matter were answered by Karen’s reading of the Akashic records. In fact, I was left thinking deeply about what she said. The information allowed me to see where I needed to make adjustments and where I needed to accept myself as I truly am!”

~Client from Toronto, Canada

“My Akashic Reading experience with Karen provided valuable and enlightening information that is helping me both in overcoming physical challenges and answering ‘what should I do now?’ questions. Karen is a gifted intuitive and her warm and friendly manner made the experience not only valuable but fun.”

~Pat McCormick

“Karen gave me an Akashic Record Reading and I could not believe just how accurate she was. She only asked me a couple of questions and the answers that I received literally blew me away because they were so helpful in figuring out how to proceed with my business. Karen is a very talented lady with a real gift to share with the world.”

~Name withheld

“Karen’s Akashic Record reading offered great clarity and actionable steps for me on how I can move forward with my business while embracing my soul’s purpose. We drew on past life information that helped me understand my inherent strengths and how they played into who I am now and how I can draw on them moving forward in life and business.”

~Megan Adams

“I really didn’t know quite what to expect in my experience with Karen’s reading, but I was totally amazed… I received a lot of insights into my life, not only of events that had taken place in my past, but also, where a lot of my current interests, seemed to be leading me, for my future. I felt that a lot of guidance was given, with many good suggestions for positive steps to take for more personal growth. I certainly look forward to additional readings…”

~Linda F.

“I received very helpful and inspiring information from Karen’s reading of my Akashic records. Her reading has helped me to focus on a new career direction which feels natural but which I wouldn’t have been able to identify. She is thoughtful, thorough and generous in what she offers.  But what is most interesting to me is that since the reading, I had felt a subtle but definite shift in my energy and perspective.  It feels to me that some clouds have lifted and drifted away and some nagging issues have just fallen away.  For that I am very grateful.”

- Catherine Graef

“I was so impressed with Karen’s approach to her job as an Akashic Reader.  You can tell she loves it and it was evident that she truly cared and wanted to help me find the answers I was seeking.  I also felt like the session was really clear as if she stepped aside from her own human viewpoints to deliver information to me as it was intended.  I left the session with a renewed excitement about my life’s purpose.” Read full article here.

~ Amy Morris

“I’ve had the privilege of having a reading with Megan Adams in order gain insight into the direction of my business and I was absolutely blown away with the information she gave me!

Megan has an unbelievable ability to go into the Akashic Records and channel high level information that will help you in whatever direction you want to go. With her business mind and background she is the ultimate business coach as she is incredibly grounded and practical as well as inspirational and creative! The information she gave me enabled me to bring my business up another level so that I can be more of service to those who need it most. Thank you Megan for your priceless gifts!”

~ Danielle Paige, Intuitive Astrologer & Psychic Medium

I worked with Megan because I had an idea of what my purpose was and how to put it into my business, but I was filled with doubt and didn’t want to do the “wrong” thing.  During our session Megan went into my Akashic records and confirmed that I was dead on about my purpose.  I also got confirmation that my logo and colors I chose for my brand were spot on as well.  The information that was revealed to me by Megan led to a chain of synchronistic events that led me to have a divine download of what exactly my tagline was to be, what to call myself, and how I’m going to help people.  It was very powerful and I now have absolute clarity about my business and I feel super confident about myself, my business and the direction I am going.  If you need some guidance about your purpose or anything related to your business I highly recommend Megan Adams.  Btw, she’s an absolute pleasure to work with and has an amazingly loving fun presence to boot!

- Casey Choate, Divine Business Strategist, http://TheRealCaseyChoate.com

I had a Akashic record reading approximately 6 months ago. All I can say is, Wow! It was awesome. I have had a knowing my whole life. I’ve always spoken with Angels, guides and yes Merlin the Magician (not that I told anyone). Most people just thought and said that I was crazy, including my brothers and sisters (all light heartedly of course). I would tell them what I knew to be true and they would wonder how I’d know these things. Anyway, I decided to have an Akashic reading with Meg to see if maybe I was indeed just crazy or if really did indeed know what I knew. I also wanted to know which direction to go with my career. I had been to the records and I knew she could see the good, the bad and the ugly. I was ready to hear it no matter what she said. Meg validated everything for me and more. She saw my connections in this lifetime to the physical conditions of the past. It was truly an awesome reading. She pointed me to 3 options career wise. I will work with Meg again it was awesome.

- Rhonda Ferguson