How the Recent Election Shows Us That Duality Means Dark & Light

I always spend time over the weekend pondering what I’m going to write about in the coming week’s blog. I had several ideas, none had gelled for me and now I know why. It’s not a favorite topic “politics” however, my blogs are about speaking my truth and making sense of things that confuse and confound us. Blogging and sharing our stories help us see the many perspectives and views each of us carries. As an Akashic Reader I realize how strongly our past lives and past life can shape our ideas and views. How safety is a number one concern for us.

The Akash has trained me to move beyond the 3-D and see the “stories and drama” for what it is.  DRAMA.  Today I feel conflict and in order to align with my higher self-values, I choose to write and express my thoughts.

We came here to experience Duality and we are getting a large dose of it right now. The Universe has delivered a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” scenario. It was put to a vote and we are taking the next step with a new president at the helm.

Why does it feel so scary? Because this new president does not represent me, a woman with native heritage and whose life’s work is in the Spiritual Realm.

He has said and done things that are not in alignment for someone to represent me in the highest office. Interesting dilemma, most of what we know was recorded and have been presented with. Seems it doesn’t matter what he has done, said and will do. Perhaps there are similar scandals on the other candidate that are well hidden and unknown to us, perhaps in a much more sophisticated and secret way? Would this have changed our view or vote? Who then? What now? What to do?  Many chose to go with “the known” it felt less “scary”. Despite our intentions of doing what we always do, and despite a majority vote, instead an ignored, outdated and archaic Electoral College ushered in the “unknown”, perhaps it’s time to shake it up. Perhaps it’s time to go with the “unknown”.

In our world of duality we tend to look at things as black and white, good and bad, dark and light. We were put in a position of a 2 party system, where only the connected and wealthy can play. Notice the duality? Now take it one step further Man vs Woman. Both representing completely different values and ideals. Again, we were forced to choose and again duality was at play.

When our perception is that of dark or bad we feel fear and anger. We feel that the phase we consider to be good or light has moved into the dark. The past is gone, it no longer exists and what is to come has not appeared.  Today we are in that in between space of unknowing. What is the future to bring? Especially if we consider it dark?

What we fail to see is the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. What that looks like or brings we do not know. What we do know is that this has affected many – this is acting as a great awakening, the awakening of the masses to work on creating the world in which we want to live.

Rather than look at this as good or bad – I will consider viewing it from a higher perspective, one in which we continue to Be Love and Be the Change we want to see!  Nothing is impossible, this does not need to perceived as bleek? Look at the Dakota Pipeline? Did you ever imagine police removing their badges and joining in?  Nothing is impossible…this might be the catalyst to bring us all together. We do not know what the future will bring! Why are we freaking out? Why are we projecting negative ideals?

The dark is a time of going within, it is the start of new ideas and seeds that germinate. A lawn of grass is made up of millions of tiny seeds that chose to germinate in the darkness of the soil. Growing and reaching for the sun being part of something bigger. A green, lush lawn. Strange analogy I know but will you stop your germination of growth in the dark because there is a few weeds in the lawn?

I choose to experience each day as it comes, I stand in love and not fear.  A fear filled world has not been working.

I send love and best wishes to all candidates and all voters. LOVE

I choose to be the single blade of grass that happily germinates in the dark and rushes forth in the spring with optimism and growth.

I love the weeds, I love dandelions, and I love change.

Let the lush green lawn germinate in the dark and spring forth when the time is right.