Guided Meditation with the Masters Recordings

The Guided Meditations with the Masters are a monthly event occurring on the last Sunday of every month.They are held through a teleconference live so that the energy of the live group will be elevated and hold a sacred space for everyone participating.

These meditations are for ANYONE willing and able to create a quiet space for their practice of going within.

Here are the recordings of the past Guided Meditations. Please note that if you signed up for a Guided Meditation, this recording is included in your contribution fee. If you have not received yours, please contact us.

February 2014: Guided Meditation with Venus

Join me for a Guided Meditation with Venus. Venus, Goddess of Love would like to take you on a LOVE-ing Journey.

This journey will open your heart and allow you to experience heart based feeling and acting from the Heart; how do we do this? Simply quiet the mind and act on what you feel or know. Your mind/brain centered thinking is when you are uncertain about things and start a lengthy process of over analysis. Your heart chakra creates and senses vibrations with its own intelligence, having an awareness and consciousness much like a brain. The heart pulls in vibrations that are resonating at your own frequency making decisions easier to immediately accept or discard. Trust your inner knowing and remind yourself of the times when you “knew” you made a decision from the heart.


January 2014: Guided Meditation to Shamballa to visit Lord Buddha

Lord Buddha has offered to give a brief personal message to each person in attendance during the meditation. This will be received by your Higher Self during the meditation as you go inward to receive your own special message.