5 Week Learn to Meditate Group

Learn to Meditate!

It is my belief that meditation is the foundation of Self Discovery. It helps to peel back the mask or layers we present to the outer world while slowly revealing the inner light and beauty of our Soul.

  • Want to learn how to still your mind?
  • Want to strengthen your meditation practice?

Did you know that meditation can be done sitting in a chair, walking, standing, while gardening, seated on an airplane or as a passenger in a car?

In this weekly meditation practice you will:

  • Learn how to tame the “monkey mind”
  • Discover how to meditate
  • Explore what meditation can do for you
  • Uncover how meditation looks and works for you

There is a misconception that meditation looks a particular way or that only certain people can achieve stillness of the mind.

Meditation looks and feels different for everyone. This is an art that with practice can be easily integrated into our lives and practiced anywhere at any time.

You are invited to join me in the comfort of my home, to experience meditation in a group dynamic, which is shown to increase the energy of focus and learning.

As Mystic, Scribe & Channel I wish to connect with and share my knowledge with you.

When:  Wednesday evenings at 7:00 – 9:00 pm (starting April 12)

Where:  Karen Adams home in El Dorado Hills (Serrano Village D)

How long: 5 weeks (with the option to continue depending upon interest)

How much: $20.00 per week. This will be “pay as you go”. Weekly attendance is not required (Although it does help)

Why: To be part of a dynamic community of likeminded individuals interested in enhancing our creative abilities, get in touch with our spiritual self, and be open to life’s mysteries.

If this sounds interesting to you, please contact me to register and answer any further questions.  (Weekly Meditation in the subject line) 


Karen at Akashic Journey & Karen the Feng Shui Lady