Re-connect with Your Galactic Origins Session

Ever feel homesick when looking at the stars? Feel like you’ve never really “fit” in?

You might be a Starseed!

Starseeds are evolved beings from another planet, star system or galaxy, whose specific mission is to assist Planet Earth and her people to bring in the Golden Age (which is NOW!)

Discover the planet and/or star system you are from, and connect with your soul group and guides from that location. Pleiades, Sirius, Andromeda, Arcturus, Drago…do any of these names resonate? 🙂 

One Hour Skype Reading: Reg $120 Now only $100 until Sunday, June 29th, 2014!

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About Megan

207625_10151233426758601_257606683_nI have always felt a draw and connection to the stars. I remember as a child staring up at the night sky and feeling an overwhelming homesickness. This homesickness started to appear even when I was “home”! It confounded me. You weren’t supposed to be homesick when you were not away from home, right?


When I discovered that I was a Starseed was when my homesickness made sense. For many starseeds, we are away from home. Very faraway! Turns out we have soul families still in these star systems and planets or galaxies that look over us (similar to how our deceased loved ones on this planet look over us) and the longing we feel for reconnection is often for them and the place that we have spent much time on. Earth isn’t the only planet we call home!


In my experience, re-connecting with your soul family and guides from the galactic place you call home is a very profound experience. It brought me greater understanding as to who I am, why I am here and my purpose for incarnating. Starseeds have volunteered to come to Earth at this time to assist with the elevation of consciousness (Ascension) of Planet Earth and its inhabitants. Like all those that incarnate, we have forgotten everything about our true nature. Our task is to remember…


I work closely with the Pleiadians and have discovered my roots from Sirius. Being able to communicate with Lady Sirius was one of the most profound moments I have had. The learning never stops and the quest for discovering who we truly are is one with such depth and multi-dimensionality!


Enough about me…what’s YOUR connection to the stars? 🙂

One Hour Skype Reading: $100.00 (special ends Sunday, June 29th)





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