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One hour Akashic Reading Session with Karen

$144 / 1 hour or $75 / 30 mins

All sessions are done via telephone. Skype or in-person sessions can be arranged on an as-needed basis. 

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Akashic Record Readings

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How an Akashic Record Reading Session works:

Sessions can are done via telephone and a recording of the session is provided.

Typically the first time, Karen will speak personally with you to answer any of your questions and discuss the questions you would like to ask while in the Records. This helps to set up the background and nature of your request. By understanding your story she keep the fluidity of questions and answers and get to the heart of the information easily and quickly (while in the Records) for you.

Karen will need your full name that you are currently using (including middle names).  Using a new name or one you have recently chosen will not have the information you are likely looking for in the Records. Consider that you were born with a name and that is when the vibration started for you, as you grew and experienced life these experiences added to your Records. Changing your name won’t have the past information in the Records as it’s been stored under a different name. Please mention if this is pertains to you. It’s not a judgment, just requires a discussion to see what name is best to use at the time.

The Records are opened with a Prayer; part of it will be done silently. Once in the Records it will be a normal back and forth conversation. If you need to add something, ask another question or need clarity you are free to speak. Karen receives information intuitively and can multi task while in the Records. She will spend about 45 minutes in the Records with the other 15 minutes used before and after.  When the session in the Records is over a closing Prayer will be said and the Records closed and discussion wrapped up.

After the session Karen will send you the recording approximately 1 – 2 days after the call. Because the information comes from “The Records”, Karen does not retain these conversations in her memory.  All Sessions are confidential, they are never discussed.

Is it like a psychic reading?

No, this is not at all like a Psychic Reading. The Akash is a record of all events, intentions, activities (past, present and future) with all possible outcomes. They will never reveal a possible outcome for the obvious reason of impinging on your “free will”.

However this is where Karen’s Akashic Reading is most inciteful; while in the Records she consults with your Guides, Teachers and Loved Ones who have your best interest at heart. When a question is asked regarding the future or if the Lords of the Records realize this may be a lesson you are meant to learn without “help” then Karen can turn to your “team” and ask them if they have anything further to add. Oftentimes they do and it comes through in a different tone and voice and Karen will acknowledge that this information came from them and not the Akash. Karen has the ability to use her intuition, her guides and at times Channels information if it’s a bit lengthy and needs to be “heard” by the recipient.

Karen’s Experience

The Records hold the energy of Pure Divine Love. Going into the records is truly a calling and a Love for me. Accessing the Records can actually HELP souls find answers to questions that have been holding them back, and it feels wonderful to be of assistance. The Records offer a healing for the person asking the questions, and the reader benefits from the Love healing energy as well. I receive a daily dose of Love Energy which is quite blissful! I never used to really understand the term “blissed out” well now I am one of those actually saying it and meaning it.