Karen covers the soulMegan covers the purpose. Together the two become one.

There is no recommended starting point, nor ending point. The two blend together perfectly and will ebb and flow as you journey on your Spiritual Path!


1. Akashic Record Readings

Karen will access your Records during these sessions. You may ask questions and have a conversation around the information being received – it is highly encouraged! Your sessions will be recorded.

Akashic Record Readings


2. Discovery Guidance Package – $288 (recommended)

Discover the necessary information to uncover your Soul’s intended Journey! Includes a written report + 3 specific tasks to get you moving forward on your Spiritual Path, as identified in the Records. 


3. Monthly Guidance Package – $144.00 per month (first going through the Discovery Guidance Package is required)

Understand your Soul’s Journey and start walking your own Spiritual Path. Monthly support.


4. Business Akashic Record Reading

Megan will access the Records of your business, project, or book. In-person call or skype.

Business Akashic Record Readings (via telephone)

5. Channeling Sessions

Have a conversation with the Masters and/or Guides. In these sessions, Megan will channel the Universal Energy that wishes to speak to you. A very enlightening, empowering and healing session! You do not *need* any agenda, but you can absolutely draft up any questions you may have. Does not need to be business related.

Channeling Sessions

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