Your Power Animal Discovery

Knowing and understanding your power animal can lead to self-empowerment and transformation. Understanding the abilities and habits of your animal will help you understand yourself or the ones you love in a whole new way.


Working with your Power Animal can take you into higher states of awareness. Power Animals are Guides and can teach us mighty and profound lessons from a very different perspective.

We come into our lives with the accompaniment of Guides, some Angelic, some Ascended Masters, beings of Light and those from the Animal Kingdom.  As humans we have become immune to the innate wisdom Animals have to offer and we have greatly underestimated their presence along with us humans on the earth.

You need only look to Native American wisdom and Earth religions to realize they understood the powerful animal medicine that is readily available but overlooked.  Working with my Power Animal and those that come into my life during specific lessons has been powerful and those moments have touched me in profound ways.

Aligning with their energy has also allowed me the opportunity to notice other animals as they go about their daily affairs.

Once you have opened the door to animal consciousness you will never be the same.  You will become aligned with their energy and find they will come to you in interesting and profound ways.

Your Power Animal Discovery – $99.00

How it works: You will receive a report with your personal power animal and a bit of background on the animal or insect! This will be your major power animal.

The information will be personal to you and the animal. There may be areas that you need to utilize or areas that you need to smooth out.  Your Power Animal will identify these and give you tips.

There will be times you have another power animal or several as they come and go as you need their medicine.  Some stay in the background and others completely withdraw their energy as necessary. For example if you are in a situation of needing to stand up for yourself and you are an introverted personality you may call upon a mighty energy such as the bear or tiger energy.

Once you have mastered the lesson needed to stand up for yourself the tiger would recede as this is not a part of your overall personality.  Clearly this was an exaggerated example for you to fully understand ways to use the power animals.

Schedule your session by selecting the “buy now” button below. You will be directed to the PayPal website where you can complete your payment. Karen will then contact you to schedule and confirm your session. Investment: $99.00.

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