Guidance Packages

Spiritual Guidance Package – $288.00

This package is for those interested in:

  • Discovering your soul’s journey
  • Identifying and removing blockages that affect your spiritual path
  • Understanding how your past lives may affect this lifetime and the knowledge they provide
  • Better communicating with your Guides

This is the first step on your Akashic Journey!


  • 30 minute meditation with your Guides prior to your reading (Karen)
  • 1 hour Record Reading and discussion with you and your Guides
  • A channeled written report for you to work on to help discover your soul’s journey
  • 3 tasks you can specifically do or work on to help you gain more clarity

Discover the necessary information to uncover your Soul’s intended Journey!

We all incarnated to the earth to learn lessons. We chose to incarnate with no memories of past lives but often carry the “energy” of past lives with us. Some of these energies help us and some may hinder. Information from the Akash and help from your Guides gives you the ability to clear the blockages and bring forward the lives that may be of help.

Your Guides and Teachers were chosen by you to help navigate and master the lessons in this life. Many of us feel there is more to life and love but simply feel stuck as to how to find it. While we may be successful in our careers our spiritual life seems to be lacking and we feel compelled to understand what exactly is missing. Who better to give you this information than your Guides! The ones you chose and who love and respect you.

If you have had an Akashic Reading in the past 4 months you may qualify for a $100.00 discount off of the Discovery Guidance Package. Please contact Karen for more details.

Monthly Spiritual Guidance Package

This package is for those ready to take their spirituality to the next step and receive monthly guidance via a 1 hour reading and report. In addition a mid-month 20 minute conversation to help clarify and keep you on track appointment is offered. A 3 month minimum commitment is required.

Monthly Amount: $100 (3 month minimum commitment is required.)

Credit is offered for those who received an Akashic Reading or Spiritual Guidance Package in the prior 3 months.

Change your Energy, Change Your World!

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