Spiritual Guidance Coaching

What is Spiritual Guidance Coaching?

It is ongoing Spiritual support individualized just for you to help you better understand your Soul’s Journey and start walking your own Spiritual Path.

Many of us feel there is more to life and love but simply feel stuck as to how to find it. While we may be successful in our careers our spiritual life seems to be lacking and we feel compelled to understand what exactly is missing. By working with me for your Spiritual Coaching Package, we are able to gain perspective on this information as I provide tools and “homework” that  helps get you back on your Spiritual Path.

We all incarnated to the earth to learn lessons. We chose to incarnate with no memories of past lives but often carry the “energy” of past lives with us. Some of these energies help us and some may hinder. Spiritual Coaching helps you to uncover and understand these blockages so that you may move powerfully forward.

Spiritual Guidance Coaching will help you:

  • Allow for your Soul’s Evolution through consistent direction and guidance
  • Guidance to embrace the shifts and changes that may occur while on your Soul’s Journey
  • Monthly guidance that allows you to move and stay in the flow and on track
  • Positive continuous growth
  • Round-out your understanding of metaphysical modalities

Is Spiritual Coaching for you?

I only work with people who are ready to do the work. Spiritual growth isn’t always easy, and we may feel great resistance towards the change and transformation necessary for our soul’s evolution.

Sometimes we think we are ready and sometimes we know we are ready. In order to receive the best information we need to know we are ready and therefore will be ready to receive. Take some time to answer the following questions to see if this might be a fit and if you are ready:

Where do you see yourself on your spiritual path?

  • Beginning (just starting out and totally intrigued with getting on my soul’s journey
  • Somewhere in the middle and stuck or floundering (knowing enough to realize that there is more and can’t seem to get there from here)
  • Well on my way (I am actually practicing) and can’t get past blocks
  • Well on my way and looking to learn more about myself to improve areas and possibly learn a new modality

Why are you interested in receiving Spiritual Coaching?

  • I want to use this knowledge as a tool to improve myself spiritually and help with my career
  • I want to use this knowledge to unblock areas in my life
  • I want to use the guidance to help me with my career in the spiritual world, bringing forward past life expertise and showing me where I can improve and be of service

How does the Spiritual Guidance Coaching work?

  • There is a 3 month minimum commitment.
  • Based off of your Discovery Guidance Package (this is required prior to Spiritual Coaching) we develop your individualized coaching plan.
  • We meet for 1-hour every month and after each session I provide a channeled written report outlining themes/topics/homework.
  • I provide ongoing email support in-between.

How much does Spiritual Guidance Coaching cost?

Short answer? Depends! Contact Karen at karen@akashicjourney.com to work something out.

Some of the tasks given will seem challenging and some will not seem challenging enough.

There will be times when you receive grade school assignments even though you believe you are in high school.  You must be able to accept their guidance and start the journey of learning what they deem is in your best interest right now.

Building a solid foundation for all future learning is critical. Without a firm foundation, anything placed on top will be prone to collapse with the weight.

Most esoteric learning is simple and obvious; we as human beings have been shown to look for the colorful, shiny, attractive, and glamorous bits of information. When in a lot of cases it is the natural, plentiful information and objects that are hiding in plain view.

When we turn our focus inward, listen to ourselves, work with nature and appreciate its true divine beauty; this is when the subtleties of the esoteric world start to become colorful and attractive. They are there for your discovery; I will “guide” you to where you need to go. You will need to do the work of discovery and noticing the subtle nature of the voice within.

You will be expected to and also guided to seek out books, websites, courses, teachers outside of the learning I provide. This will give you a diverse perspective and will shine the light on YOUR TRUTH. This will lay the groundwork for what you understand as your Truth and what is not. This is a multi-dimensional learning and using the Akash and Guides is another dimension for your learning.

Some books and websites may be difficult to understand; this is an opportunity for you to research what it is you don’t understand and complete that area of learning on your own. Your Truth lies within yourself; no one person, no Guide can give you this. You must discover this on your own and Master this on your own.

You cannot, borrow, buy, sell or trade this knowledge. It is a discovery. A teacher and learning will present itself when the time is right. When opportunities arise and it feels right or difficult; take a moment to understand what it is about that situation that needs a deeper understanding. Find the learning and be thankful for its appearance. Once you have dealt with the learning in a masterful way you need not experience it again!

* 3 month minimum commitment required for the Spiritual Guidance Coaching Package. You must have completed the Discovery Guidance Package

Please contact me if you are interested. I look forward to hearing from you!


What people say about working with Karen:

“I received very helpful and inspiring information from Karen’s reading of my Akashic records. Her reading has helped me to focus on a new career direction which feels natural but which I wouldn’t have been able to identify. She is thoughtful, thorough and generous in what she offers.  But what is most interesting to me is that since the reading, I had felt a subtle but definite shift in my energy and perspective.  It feels to me that some clouds have lifted and drifted away and some nagging issues have just fallen away.  For that I am very grateful.”

– Catherine Graef

“Karen was amazing in the reading of my Akashic records. She answered all of my questions and I felt as though I was very much a part of the process. There were some fantastic insights and Karen is ever professional in her approach and delivery. I would highly recommend Karen as a source for this sacred knowledge.”

~Joanne L. Shaw




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