A Message from Saint Valentine


Sweet Saint Valentine came to me on my walk today and wished to share his thoughts on St. Valentine’s Day and enlighten us to a little of his own story.

When I first started to connect with Saint Valentine, he instructed me to focus on LOVE and I felt an overwhelming sense of peace and love. I hope you can feel his loving energy through his words below. ~Megan

Saint Valentine then shared the following:

The reunion of two souls leads to the remembering of your own. I am Saint Valentine. In my day, the powers that ruled the land wished to have people forget who they were and the love within their own soul. They recognized the danger in allowing one another to reunite with another soul – for this loving connection is so very powerful. The best way to diminish the love that we feel for one another is to disallow it.

The fueling of hate always attempts to diminish the light of love. Yes, the light of love may be forgotten in your heart but it can never be extinguished. Once you take that little bright light of love within your heart and you reunite it with another, the reunion of the soul creates such light and love around you. And the higher powers feared that. It was my duty to help reunite the souls that wished to be connected. It was not simply about marriage and the title, it was about the deep and profound recognition of the connection between You and I. I married many with their loves, reuniting their souls with one another. The light in their hearts ignited from the reunion, now that it was recognized. What the marriage did was anchor in loving energy into the earth plane, giving it a physical representation of the love that we all have; anchoring in the Divine love that we all are.

I love the word rebel. Seems somewhat of a contrast to my title as a Saint. If you explore history, you will find that many Saints were in fact rebels and what they did was initially condemned and many thus tortured and killed, as is my story. But you will find that because of those actions of which they were initially condemned for, they were eventually sainted for! A simple reminder to always follow your heart’s desires and urges and to stand in the loving light of Truth. When you do, know that you are not alone, for standing with you are the many realms of Heaven – the angels and saints all stand right next, behind, in front and all around you. You’re in a great point of remembering that we are all beings of love, of such bright light. We can see you from the highest realms in Heaven.

I understand that St. Valentine’s Day has many of you feeling unloved and alone, and if this is the case, I encourage you to shift your perspective on this sweet Holiday. If you don’t have a physical partner at this time, understand that you have many, many lovers, fans and friends in the other realms. The most important thing to know? The love you have for yourself is enough. Perhaps send yourself a Valentine this 14th, do know that I am sending you one with all my love.

Will you be my Valentine?

~ Channeled message from Saint Valentine on February 7, 2014. ~