El Morya Channeling Session

el-moryaEl Morya has made a request to me (Megan). I am offering one-on-one private reading sessions for anyone who wishes to connect with El Morya and the energy of Divine Will.

These sessions will be conducted remotely via skype and will be recorded so you can listen to them after.

A private session is your chance to connect with the energy of El Morya, ask questions, and deepen your understanding of who you are and your journey.

If you’ve never had a channeling with an Ascended Master before, they are very healing and insightful and are for everyone – no matter where you are on your spiritual path. This channeling will be extra helpful for anyone feeling “stuck” or “blocked” or looking for their next steps.

This will be either a 30-minute or one hour session and involve some energy healing as well. Because this has been a special request from El Morya, the cost of the session is only $55 for 30 minutes or $99 for 1-hour until the end of July 2014, then it will go back to my regular price. Woohoo! El Morya’s ready to get us all rockin’ and rollin’!  

You can check out our other types of readings here: http://akashicjourney.com/services/

Send me a message (megan@akashicjourney.com) if you have any questions, otherwise you can purchase the reading using the PayPal button below.

30 minute Reading Session: $55.00


1 hour Reading Session: $99.00


P.S: You may recognize this picture from Doreen Virtue’s Ascended Masters cards!


Feeling Blocked? Work with Master Morya!

There are times when all of us feel “blocked”. Spiritually, emotionally physically – and this can manifest through different experiences in our life. Career, relationships, injury and general malaise! What I learned over the past week is that if you are feeling blocked, work with Master Morya!

Master Morya is on a mission to point out Divine Will = Action. I very much experienced this learning over the past couple of days! Case in point, I purchased an old dresser several weeks ago, and I mean several weeks ago. I decided I wanted a project that allowed artistic input and this was perfect! We also needed another dresser and (Megan) and I wanted to turn it into a lovely looking turquoise one.

I found a picture of how I wanted it to look, purchased the paint and all the supplies in my excitement. Then it sat and sat as the weeks passed by. I simply couldn’t get started on this project!

Master Morya came through on the evening of the 22nd, this was the immediately after June’s Guided Meditation. Normally I allow myself that evening to relax before starting the lessons/learning for the next month. However, Morya wanted to channel that evening and came through with a rather lengthy learning. It was powerful and both Megan and I experienced a great shift.

Within 2 days of this channelling, the dresser I had been putting off was wiped down with mineral spirits, the top stripped, drawers and sides taped and sanded, 2-3 coats of paint applied, the brass pulls scrubbed and the entire piece was waxed. We were machines! And I’m not even mentioning the shift in all the other work we accomplished. It felt so good to take action! Check out the pictures below…it looks like a million bucks (even if I do say so myself!)

Within the channelling with Master Morya, he explained that we have the power to dissolve the blockages we experience. So, anyone who is feeling blocked or stuck; please consider asking Master Morya for some guidance, he certainly knows how to move “stuff”. LOL!

Because the upcoming Guided Meditation for July is led by Master Morya, we will aim to work with lessons and his teachings all month. I personally can’t wait to fulfill my Divine Will and get things DONE!

** You can sign-up forJuly’s Guided Meditation here!**

July’s Guided Meditation is with Master Morya where we will work with us to move past our blockages and help to get us into the flow of our own Divine Will.

In the meantime, Master Morya provided some key concepts in this channelling:

  • Inaction and action are separate parts of the same whole. Without one there is not the other. Honor your inaction as much as your action.
  • Often greater lengths of inaction are required for action that requires greater force. Think about the tension on a bow and arrow and how the tension is required to propel the arrow forward!
  • Clear your energy field regularly. Smudging, sea salt baths, working with Archangel Michael and Chakra clearing are all great exercises to unclog your energy field from debris that may be contributing to your blockage.
  • Work with the Akashic records to help identify blockages and how you can move past them.



Above: The dresser before the magic kicked in!


DSCN0445 DSCN0449 DSCN0461 DSCN0462


Above: The final (and very turquoise) product! Thank-you for all your assistance, Master Morya!


Guided Meditation with El Morya

Join us for July’s Guided Meditation with the Ascended Master, El Morya! More details to come…


When: Sunday, July 20, 2014 at 6:00 pm PST

This meditation is for ANYONE willing and able to create a quiet space for their practice of going within.

The energy of the “live group” will be held and elevated so everyone achieves a state of relaxation and inner knowing and connection – no matter what level you are currently at.

BEGINNERS WELCOME!  Seasoned meditator’s welcome as your energy will help hold the energy for those who are beginning.

 How it works:

This meditation is done via telephone or your computer speakers! After you sign-up you will receive the call-in information for the meditation in an email. At the time of the event, just dial-in to the conference number provided (and enter the PIN). You also have the option to listen via your computer, there will be a link included in the email sharing your conference details. Just click on that link and follow the prompts. It is very easy!

ALL ARE WELCOME, no one will be turned away. Your contribution doesn’t have to be monetary, contact us with your idea for an energetic exchange and we can work something out!

An MP3 recording of the Guided Meditation will be sent out to all attendees!

How much do you want to pay?