El Morya Channeling Session

el-moryaEl Morya has made a request to me (Megan). I am offering one-on-one private reading sessions for anyone who wishes to connect with El Morya and the energy of Divine Will.

These sessions will be conducted remotely via skype and will be recorded so you can listen to them after.

A private session is your chance to connect with the energy of El Morya, ask questions, and deepen your understanding of who you are and your journey.

If you’ve never had a channeling with an Ascended Master before, they are very healing and insightful and are for everyone – no matter where you are on your spiritual path. This channeling will be extra helpful for anyone feeling “stuck” or “blocked” or looking for their next steps.

This will be either a 30-minute or one hour session and involve some energy healing as well. Because this has been a special request from El Morya, the cost of the session is only $55 for 30 minutes or $99 for 1-hour until the end of July 2014, then it will go back to my regular price. Woohoo! El Morya’s ready to get us all rockin’ and rollin’!  

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Send me a message ( if you have any questions, otherwise you can purchase the reading using the PayPal button below.

30 minute Reading Session: $55.00


1 hour Reading Session: $99.00


P.S: You may recognize this picture from Doreen Virtue’s Ascended Masters cards!