Being “in” this world and not “of” this world

We often hear to “be of this world”, not “in it”. A tough task for us in this reality! Here are some tips on how we can stay grounded and present without giving in to heavier energies.

1. Every single person chose to be here and is learning their life lessons. To experience joy and love we may need to understand sorrow and anger first. To see and experience light we may need to move through the heavy and the dark. Some souls are working through their difficulties or contrast and find ways to include others in their sorrow and anger. Learn to recognize this and understand that this is their story; not yours. You may acknowledge the space they are in, send your loving thoughts and prayers for they will make a difference, and most importantly realize these stories are not yours.

2. Use discernment rather than judgment. To judge is final and without knowing all the facts, including the motives behind every action being judged we then find ourselves on one side or another. Practicing discernment will help you see the world in shades of gray as opposed to black and white.

3. Practice forgiveness. This will keep love in your heart and when there is love in your heart there is no room for anger or sorrow.