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Freedom of Expression

This is an excerpt of a channeled message from Artema, one of Megan’s Guides from November 27, 2013.

When we do not express what we feel, we are locked in our cages, jailed in our minds, prisoners of our thoughts.

When we choose to express those emotions, thoughts, beliefs in a loving and compassionate way – we are set free.

Your key to understanding love is through freedom. Love will set you free. Feel the freedom and the release and calmness of owning that expression.

Remember that feeling.

Now, love the situation that forced you to take that step to expression. Oftentimes these situations occur because they are painful – painful to stay the same while painful to take that risk and to express. But if you love that situation and the freedom it gives you, that pain is absolved and that fear is absolved. All that is left is love.

Love has no attachment. Love has no expectation. Love is a simple expression. 

Every step you take, every breath you take – do it in the spirit of love.

It has been a pleasure expressing my love for you in this moment. 

~Megan’s Guide, Artema. November 27, 2013.