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The Intellect’s Role in Expression

This is an excerpt of a channeled message from Lord Kuthmi on November 27, 2013.

The heart works as a knowing, as a being, and as an energetic force. The heart enables connection. It’s a point of connection between you and those ideas perceived through the intellect. It’s the point of connection with other people. It is what truly enables you to express who you are, emotions, thoughts and feelings can be intellectualized in your mind, but they can only be felt in your heart.

Can you feel that warmth in your heart right now as we speak? Now, feel it grow with every beat and pulse of the energy field around your heart. Do you feel that warmth growing and expanding? Pulsing outward until eventually in encompasses your entire body?

The heart is the center of your being. Do not think if it as secondary to the mind, think of it as complimentary to the mind. When the mind and the heart work in tandem, we are in true alignment. We are able to express with harmony, balance, kindness and compassion. 

~Lord Kuthumi. November 27, 2013.