Do We Write Our Own Script in Life?

I received this question: “Even though the book is written I don’t feel it’s written in stone, based on ones level of consciousness and awareness I think that once you awake to the truth you can consciously chose the script. Do the Masters have any input on this?

Here is my answer: As humans evolve and move through life their level of “Truth” as they know it changes as do they. What is one man’s truth is not necessarily the truth for another. There is no right or wrong; it just is.

We incarnate here to learn lessons that we have chosen to experience in the current lifetime. Your guides/the Universe (whichever is your truth) conspires to make the learning’s happen. You chose your family, friends, big learning’s and chance encounters with soul friends and family.

We are all subject to Free Will. Meaning: you can chose whatever you want to at the time of an interaction or exchange. It does not matter what level of Truth you are at, what you do know or what you don’t know. It is absolutely and completely your choice.

It is ALL considered a learning whether it was a deviation from the original plan or on target. There is always learning and there is no good or bad within each learning. It just is.

When we reach a level of consciousness we become much more aware of the scope of learning and are able to experience at a deeper level and understand at a much deeper level. We are still subject to the original plan as that was what you chose at a soul level for various reasons. Learning for your soul and helping others with their soul learning is all interwoven for the experience. We ask you if you have had a close friendship that you both went through an experience of some sort together and when it was done you grew apart and may have not even stayed in touch. This was most likely learning that you both planned to experience in this lifetime, it was delivered, experienced and you both came away with learning. There is no further need to stay in touch.

Having a higher level of consciousness brings you closer to your soul essence; that who you truly are. The goal is to achieve this and once you have a merging with your “self” and your “soul” (put simply) you are working on ascension.

Is there a pre-determined “script” that we are expected to follow when we incarnate? The answer is yes and no. Something I have learned while in the Records and having discussions with the Lords of the Records, Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones are there is no black and white; only shades of gray.

By this I am speaking of Free Will. When we incarnate we are subject to Free Will and can do whatever we want, timing, partners, friends, everything!

Now here’s the back story; when we incarnate we require a “plan”. Will we stick to it 100%? Probably not, that’s where free will comes in. There will be obstacles and deviations and taking those is our choice. When we deviate far from our path we usually feel it in our soul and recognize that we are off course. Sometimes we have big plans to start a business, create something unique to offer the world or sometimes we chose a lifetime to “just be” some come to anchor in “love” or “lead by example” by being a wonderful uplifting human being. You notice that we aren’t all “famous” or “beautiful”.

There are lots of people working hard at expressing love and there is no recognition on a large scale. They may be recognized in their circle and that is exactly what they came to do! Impacting one person at a time! Life is to be experienced and lessons to be mastered. It is all a story that we create. We create our reality and can therefore change it at any given time. Realizing this is the difficult part.