Can you learn to trust your intuition?

Can you learn to trust your intuition?  Do you hand your power over to others to do it for you? Do you practice discernment? Impeccability?

Do these statements intrigue you? Do you feel they are outside of your “box” and that only special people with special skills are capable of discovering your past or future?  Do you need regular intuitive or healing sessions to help you feel closer to spirit?

You have the answers and the power within you!

Not many people believe this statement; it is reiterated whenever I’m in the Records or communicating with the Master, Archangels and Guides.  Most books I read state the same and most recently I have heard that the time is now to start discovering our own Truth by going within; this means embracing the Divine Feminine within ALL of us. This is the yin, quiet phase where if we listen we will hear.

As humans when we are seeking we tend to project moving outward with motion. This search often is a handing over our power to others. Seeking for them to tell us their truth (which is ok for some of the time), but eventually with enough tools you will be able to:

Discover Your Truth for Your self.

This is true Mastery and a blending of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine will begin. Once this transformation starts in motion you will discover and feel balance and know who “I AM”.  You are a spark of the divine and will be firmly on your path.

Discovering who you are; simply helps you maintain balance and alignment with your higher self. Taking this balance to wherever you chose to go with it.  Not everyone is here to be a healer or teacher. Most people are here to experience life and master the emotions that come with it.

You will master life when you discover your spiritual attributes. 

  • What do they look like?
  • Where do you begin?

Begin where you are right now. Discover who you are by meditation on a regular basis, perhaps daily, and discover how to communicate with your guides.  Try right before you fall asleep if time is a factor for you.

Discover your Truth and it will set you free.

In Love and Light, Karen