Discover a Past Lifetime Where You LOVED Your Work!

Join Megan on an Akashic Journey…

Discover a past life where you “loved” your work and learn how you can incorporate that energy and passion into this life!

Receive a one-page written report with advice from your Akashic Records and personal Guides on a past lifetime of yours along with tips on how you can incorporate this discovery into your life and/or career now!

How it works:

Megan will access your Akashic Records and work with your Guides to uncover a past lifetime where you “loved” your work.

After this lifetime is uncovered, your Guides will share how you can integrate this same joy and passion into your lifetime and/or career.

Many of us lived lifetimes as authors, poets, composers, artists, spiritual practitioners, shamans, high priestesses (and the list goes on!). The wisdom and knowledge gained in these lifetimes will be accessed through this reading so that you can incorporate this wisdom into your life now!

1. Complete the payment via PayPal. The cost is $44.00

2. Email me your first, middle and last name, and a brief bio describing a bit about who you are and your career goals (if applicable).

3. You will receive your report within 3 business days

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