Symbolism of Eggs

Every wonder what the symbolism behind eggs is?

Eggs are symbolic of spring and the birthing of a new season. They are a reminder of the forming of an idea or tiny creature and after many weeks the creation becomes physical; eggs are a great representation of how we create.

Practicing the yearly ritual of bathing the eggs in bright colored baths and displaying them has been part of my childhood and has continued into my adulthood. I was reminded over the weekend that I hadn’t planned the yearly ritual of egg coloring this year. Part of practicing balance in our lives includes being creative, so I made sure to color some eggs, and I have to say I enjoyed it immensely!

I clearly don’t do this often enough and want to extoll the wonders on the psyche when one does practice their creativity.  How often have you said to yourself “why don’t I do this creative endeavor more often?”

This seemed to put a crack in the work related world I’ve been living in and is reminding me to fill it with extracurricular activities such as getting out in nature and being creative!

Now that Easter is over I need a new creative outlet!

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