Full Moon Rituals

I asked my Guides: Magda, Wilda and Shelagh about a Full Moon Ritual.


(Gift to me at Halloween to help remember them)

They were thrilled that I remembered to ask about the Full Moon. After showing me their new clothes (dressed up for the occasion) I was shown standing at night in a circle around a fire. They showed my favorite part of the Full Moon Ritual; throwing little bundles of herbs into the fire causing mini explosions!

The emphasis here is to incorporate fun while taking advantage of the moon energies during ritual. They then became more serious and gave me a few tips. Stand outside under a full moon (it does not matter if the moon is behind a cloud). Stand face up towards the moon, hands out and palms up allowing the yin energies of the moon to wash over you for as long as you can stand this way.

If you are not able to be outside and want to celebrate the full moon work at your alter. Find or make up your own prayers for: fertility, creativity, sensitivity and psychic powers, these are especially enhanced during a full moon. On your alter place a candle and any other items that you find in nature that are special to you.

Realize that you can make up your own ritual and if you are comfortable and feeling confident you have the ability to work with the yin energies and make them your reality!  The days of having to do things a certain way in a certain order at a certain time are gone.  All you need is confidence and trust what you are doing.

That’s it!  Let me know how you celebrated the Full Moon! Do you have a ritual?

P.S: You can take advantage of the energies of the full moon the day before, day of and day after! There is still time!

In Love & Violet Light,