Why do we feel ‘stuck’?

For me (Megan), January was a slow month. Instead of feeling energized by the upcoming new year, I felt stuck, stagnant and like I was spinning my wheels. Clarity eluded me and I begged my Guides and the Universe to just tell me,


Because I had to be doing something wrong, right?

There seemed to be radio silence from the Universe. No epiphanies, visions…no direction or ‘ah ha moments’. And in that moment of complete stillness and stuckness, I got it.

It was time to just be. Time to rest.

It’s in the inaction that all that we have “done” can come to us.

Think of the snow globe. I was shaking mine furiously with no end in sight. I refused to stop shaking it, thinking that my clarity would come amidst all that action. When I finally threw my hands in the air, exasperated, is when I allowed that snow to settle. And the things I had been working on manifesting came to me, much more easily.

Is it time to stop shaking your snow globe? Things are falling into place whether you see them or not. Let the Universe work its magic and enjoy the “time off”, because it will be “go time” again, very soon!

As I look back, I now understand (well, as much as I can) why I had no clear direction in January. There was prep work that I needed to do, foundation that I needed to lay. Unseen forces were at work setting me up for my next adventure and task.

In this perceived “down time” I accessed my Akashic Records to learn what I could do during this time to better get me in the Universal flow and in alignment with my Higher Self. I was guided to do more meditation so I could be still and create a space to receive more guidance.

But the most important thing? Have fun! I was to find what brought me joy and do it. And it didn’t have to be only esoteric activities — it could be going to a movie, sleeping in, skipping a workout — anything that in that moment brought me joy.

How can the Akashic records help during these times when you feel stuck?

First of all, if you are not meant to know something yet — they are NOT going to tell you! Yes, psychics may be able to dig this information up, or extrapolate based on your energetic intel at that exact moment you visit them. But the whole picture will remain to be seen and acting based on this limited information often leads to a longer ‘wait time’.

The Records and your Guides provide healing while in the records. They will help to recalibrate your energy fields, and bring conscious awareness to the Divine Being that you are. Sometimes this shift is subtle, other times it’s the kick in the pants we may need. Depends on you and your learning.

They offer a higher, Universal perspective. We are limited by our thoughts and this third dimensional reality we call home. Accessing the records allows us to shift into a larger understanding of who we are and what is really going on. It’s like taking off the blinders and getting a full view of the situation you are encountering.