Cicada Bug

Cicada metamorphosisI have an affinity for the Cicada Bug, and it’s not necessarily those bug eyes or the rather large body, and it certainly isn’t the rattling noise they can produce which is way larger than they actually are.

These insects represent rebirth, longevity and perseverance. They wait for the right time to emerge from the earth, years in fact languishing in their shell bodies planning their “coming out” and “finding themselves”.

Once they arrive they set about making themselves comfortable and beautiful by shedding their skin. Gladly shedding their cover; knowing that holding onto the old skin will not help them now in this new life.  Re defining who they are in a new physical body and ready to begin their journey of self-discovery.

They make their whereabouts known for others of their kind to find them with no fear or shame. These little guys are as authentic as they come, we should all model our behavior after the Cicada.