What is the difference between Akashic Records and Past Life Therapy?

I have given a brief description of both; this is a personal decision and I would suggest you research both of these further to see if either one resonates with you. Both have their merits and can be extremely helpful to enhance your wellbeing and make life changes.

Past life therapy is achieved through hypnosis, guided imagery or other states of deep relaxation where the unconscious memories are stored.

A therapist will help guide the client through significant events in a life time. This is where the purpose of that lifetime, the lessons learned, and decisions made are examined from a higher, spiritual perspective.

Re-experiencing key events from a past life, helps reprocess the event and subsequent impact, relieving and bringing closure to those events. Hypothetically, freeing the client from past traumas that were brought forward to the present; causing blocks, fears and phobias.

Akashic Records are the energetic imprint of every experience, thought, and emotion that has ever occurred in time and space. It is an etheric imprint of all experiences for human consciousness past, present and all potentials for the future.

An Akashic Reader has access to the Records, and enters on the clients behalf. The Reader asks the Records to show past experiences that the client has experienced to help understand, blockages, phobias, discover mastered skills that can be brought forth to enhance life here and now and work on the soul’s plan for this life.