Springtime with Lord Pan [Channeling]


You may think of me as nature, you may think of me as grass

My home is near the rivers, and my heart is with the mass.

~ Lord Pan

Shhhh, listen to nature.  Do you hear the birds? Don’t they seem to be louder and more present in spring than at any other time?  Why do you think this is so?

Well, yes they are calling out to their prospective mates.  Pomp and circumstance are just as important to the Animal Kingdom as it is to humans. Do not overlook or underestimate the calling of the wild. They play a far more important role than you are currently aware. The twittering of the birds (who are divine messengers) and move freely between dimensions are actually waking the sleeping and dormant plants and animals.

They are an alarm clock of sorts reminding them to wake out of their slumber as the days will begin to get longer, the sun stronger. With the waking of the plant kingdom the stirring of new roots and new vegetation offer themselves freely to the animals that require their nourishment (including the human world).

The flowers bud and blossom giving their pollen to the insects that in turn pollinate and make the sweet nectar honey that is so cherished by many. The birds begin to breed, nest and lay their eggs in hopes of creating offspring to carry on the tradition of calling in the Seasons. I ask you to pay attention to the seasons, notice the cycle of life in your garden and all around you.

Do you have rituals to celebrate this wonderful phenomenon that happens 4 times per year?  Do you notice where the moon and sun are in the sky?  When you begin to notice the changing of seasons you will begin to cherish them for the wonderful gifts they are and have to offer.

I AM Pan, Ambassador of Nature.  I offer to you an introduction to the Natural World, Plant and Animal Kingdom so you may work synergistically together in the future.  It would be my utmost pleasure to give you a personal guided tour.  Call on me when you are in nature, be still and know that I AM with you.

In service, Lord Pan